Lessons from and Themes in “PINCHAS/Phinehas”

Summary Of IMPORTANT POINTS & LESSONS (learned) From TORAH Portion “PINCHAS/Phinehas” (Numbers 25-30)….


PHINEHAS in Hebrew is “PINCHAS” meaning “Dark Skin” as well as “ZEALOUS FOR YAH”!

This TORAH PORTION highlights and reminds us that as believers in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, we are BETROTHED TO YAHUSHUA as seen in Exodus 20 when the TEN COMMANDMENTS (MITZVOT) were given to us and later the RUACH HA KODESH / SHKINYINYAH GLORY (HOLY SPIRIT) as seen in Acts 2 (prophesied in Joel 2:28-30).

As depicted in the Book of Hosea and many other OLD COVENANT / TESTAMENT (TANAKH) books, we have a MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR YAH (GOD). We are not to betray YAH in any way by running after other gods in any way!


Do you have a PHINEHAS (PINCHAS) Spirit inside of you?

Are you PASSIONATE about what YAH is PASSIONATE about?




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There are so many important points to take note of in this particular TORAH PORTION:

Jude 11 Names of God Bible (NOG)

11 How horrible it will be for them! They have followed the path of Cain. They have rushed into Balaam’s error to make a profit. They have rebelled like Korah and destroyed themselves.


Note that Balaam eventually led the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL astray through the King Balak just so he could become rich. That’s how the SEXUAL IMMORALITY mentioned below came about. Balaam as we learned in the previous TORAH PORTION was WICKED / EVIL. He was never a prophet of YAH (GOD) however YAH used him as in instrument to make man understand at the end of it all YAH IS IN CHARGE OF / SOVEREIGN OVER EVERYTHING!

  • The Israelites are led to sin against YAH through SEXUAL IMMORALITY with the Moabites and Midianites who were within their neighbourhood. There were two ways in which SEXUAL IMMORALITY was committed. These are PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. – Numbers 25.

The ISRAELITES transgressed SPIRITUALLY by BREAKING the FIRST OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS which is not to worship and/or serve any other GOD besides the one who brought us our of Egypt.

They transgressed PHYSICALLY by sleeping with women outside of the CHOSEN PEOPLE OF YAH namely, the ISRAELITES. The outsiders were the Moabites and Midianites. These practised THE WORSHIP OF BAAL OF PEOR (SUN-WORSHIP) as well as made evil sacrifises to their small false god. They were therefore PAGANISTS.




As a result of the ISRAELITE’S ACTIONS, YAH punishes them by sending a PLAGUE to DEVOUR THEM. YAH’S wrath was relinquished when Phinehas (Son of Eleazar, son of Aaron, the Priest) kills Zimri (son of Salu) and Cozbi (daughter of Zur, the head of the the people of a father’s house in Midian).

In fact, YAH is so pleased with him that he promotes Phinehas and his descendants by making them SERVE YAH AS HIS PRIESTS.

Phinehas Pedigree 4.jpg


  • YAH gives an INSTRUCTION to the ISRAELITES to go and get rid of the MIDIANITES. YAH does this most likely to stop the ISRAELITES from transgressing with them over and over again. Additionally, HE wanted to get rid of BAAL WORSHIP (also known as SUN-WORSHIP) – Numbers 25 and later 31

Torches. Trumpets. Confusion. Victory.slide_18

  • YAH calls for another CENSUS to be taken particularly for all men aged 20 years and above. Numbers 26

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  • YAH also gives the INSTRUCTION for how LAND should be distributed amongst the TRIBES OF ISRAEL on arrival in the PROMISED LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY.




  • Zelophehad’s daughters (descendants of Aaron) plead their case by asking for a piece of land to be given to them because they have no brother. Moses enquires from YAH about it and YAH agrees. – Numbers 27




  • Moses is told by YAH that his MINISTRY as YAH’S PROPHET  & PRIEST to the ISRAELITES has come to an end. The reason is because HE sinned against YAH at the WATERS OF MERIBAR by encouraging the ISRAELITES to lose their FAITH in / disbelieve YAH.

    The above images shows the WATERS AT MERIBAR event which occurred in the TORAH PORTION 39: CHUKAT.


hqdefault (1)


  • Moses is given a SNEAK-PEAK OF THE PROMISED LAND from the Jordan Hills. Numbers 27
Moses Sees the Promised Land from Afar (watercolor circa 1896–1902 by James Tissot)



  • YAH choses Moses’ Successor and reveals him as “Yahushua” Son of Nun (who was previously called Hosea Son of Nun). We know him today as Joshua. – Numbers 27:12-23



  • YAH reiterates concerning HIS REQUIRED DAILY; SABBATH; MONTHLY and FESTIVAL OFFERINGS. – Numbers 28 – 29

These DAILY OFFERINGS  are somewhat related to the DAILY SACRIFICE that will be stopped and replaced with the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION spoken of by Daniel and YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (Matthew 24).

The OFFERINGS were a STRONG REMINDER OF the fact that THEY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE UNTO YAH who brought them out of Egyptian bondage and into HIS PROMISED LAND.

The Daily Sacrifice was actually a SIN SACRIFICE and was done regularly until the time of YAHUSHUA’S DEATH ON THE CROSS AS ABBA YAHUVEH’S / YAHWEH’S LAMB. There is historical evidence that reveals that the Israelites just found themselves not carrying out the DAILY SACRIFICE for some reason since YAHUSHUA had died and risen again. The Orthodox Jews can not understand why and can not explain  and/or they have an incline as to why but would not want to admit it. This is a SIGN THAT WHEN YAHUSHUA SAID “IT IS FINISHED”, HE meant that “IT IS FINISHED”! The statement implied that various things were and are finished, for example the SACRIFICES instructed to be done in the TORAH. YAHUSHUA as shown in the book of Hebrews was the FINAL SIN SACRIFICE and therefore OUR GREAT HIGH PRIEST now. This is why we can now boldly approach YAH’S THONE OF GLORY.




YAH gives more details as to how exactly HE wants HIS CHILDREN to observe HIS FEAST DAYS. HE also mentions the day that no man knows which is YOM TERUAH / THE DAY OF TRUMPETS also known as ROSH HA SHANAH (https://yahushua-thechiefcornerstone.com/rosh-ha-shannah/).


  • Lastly, YAH gives HIS CHILDREN detailed INSTRUCTIONS concerning VOWS. – Numbers 30

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From the HAF-TORAH PORTION which is normally from the PROPHETS (1 Kings 18:46 – 19:21), we see Elijah STANDING UP FOR YAH’S RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS by running for his life from Jezebel (a strong worshiper of the god of baal) and seductress.  She was the most wicked woman to ever live. She seduced King Ahab and The people of Israel into Baal worship which really angered YAH.

YAH also teaches Elijah and we the readers and followers of YAHUSHUA that YAH is usually found in the STILL AND QUIET (not the noisy). If you want to hear from YAH, you need to be in PEACE AND QUIET!

Elisha is APPOINTED BY YAH as the PROPHET who will take over from Elijah which meant that Elijah’s MINISTRY was almost up. After ANOINTING ELISHA, Elisha had to SHADOW Elijah daily so as to understand better what YAH had called him to do. This is exactly what happened with Joshua and Moses. Joshua walked closely with Moses for some time and learned one or two things about being COURAGEOUS FOR YAH.


In The NEW COVENANT / TESTAMENT PORTION (Mark 11:27-12:27), YAHUSHUA’s AUTHORITY to speak on and TEACH SPIRITUAL MATTERS is questioned. He answers by narrating a PARABLE OF THE WICKED VINE-DRESSERS who represent THE ISRAELITES.

During HIS SPEECH, YAHUSHUA quotes Psalm 118:22 which talks about THE STONE THAT WAS REJECTED which is SYMBOLIC of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (HIMSELF). This once again points us to the fact that ABBA YAHUVEH / YAHWEH has the FINAL SAY. HE chooses who does what. YAHUSHUA is challenging them when HE narrates that PARABLE. HE is trying to let them know that, HE speaks using the AUTHORITY OF THE ONE WHO CREATED THE SPIRITUAL VINE (ABBA YAHUVEH / YAHWEH, GOD THE FATHER).

YAHUSHUA also encourages us to pay unto Caesar what belongs to Caesear…, etc (Mark 12:17). This links back to MAKING AND FULFILLING VOWS MADE.

Further one, the FIRST AND GREATEST COMMANDMENTS are mentioned here. These are the ones that the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL broke as seen in Numbers 25. Here we are reminded that THE TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS are VITAL to PLEASING YAH. We will AVOID MANY PLAGUES if only we are OBEDIENT UNTO YAH’S COMMANDMENTS! Remember that YAH sent a PLAGUE upon the ISRAELITES because of BREAKING HIS COMMANDMENTS. The PLAGUE stopped only when someone among the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL STOOD UP FOR YAH’S RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS. This once again leads us to STAND UP FOR YAH’S WORD now matter what comes our way!




There is so much to digest from this TORAH PORTION:

  • The very FIRST LESSON can be learned from the Book of Hosea and most of the OLD COVENANT / TESTAMENT. It is to with SPIRITUAL FORNICATION / COMMITTING OF ADULTERY with other gods which YAH also calls IDOLATRY. This is to do with the FIRST COMMANDMENT!



  • The SECOND LESSON is ALWAYS STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT BEFORE YAH NO MATTER WHAT COMES YOUR WAY! This is what many people in the BIBLE did including: Daniel and his friends (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) did as seen in Daniel 3 and Daniel 6. They lived in a Kingdom that practised PAGANISM. In Daniel 1, they are seen to REFUSE FOOD SACRIFICED TO IDOLS.

By the way, Queen Esther (a.k.a Hadassah) also REFUSED TO EAT FOOD SACRIFICED TO IDOLS and observed the SABBATH no matter what.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the fire for refusing to bow to King Nebucchadnezar’s idol.

Daniel refused to obey the law that said that nobody should be seen praying to any other god. Daniel carried on and prayed three times a day as usual. He even did it with his window open. He was thrown into the LION’S DEN where YAH saved him from being devoured. This made King Nebucchadnezar worship Daniel’s GOD.

Abraham too stood up against the worship of Baal (sun-worship / worship of King Nimrod) while in the Land of Ur. He was thrown into the fire with his brother by King Nimrod’s workers. However, Abraham was later seen walking around in the fire without getting hurt or harmed. His brother Haran, on the other hand died immediately because he was DOUBLE-MINDED. He could not make up his mind to completely trust Abraham’s GOD. HE decided to place YAH on scales depending on what will happen when he gets thrown into the fire.

As shown in the book of Revelation, YAH hates DOUBLE-MINDED people. YAHUSHUA’S Apostles stood firm in their very trying times during their MINISTRY on earth  despite what was thrown their way, for example beating, imprisoning, stoning, etc.


The MACCABEES stood up against the SYRIAN / GREEK KING who had taken over the LAND OF ISRAEL and conquered him, got rid of the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION that had been placed in the SECOND TEMPLE. They cleaned the TEMPLE, replaced everything that had been removed which YAH had ordered to be placed in the TEMPLE as seen in the book of Exodus (TABERNACLE OF MOSES). They then celebrated. The FEAST OF HANUKKAH / DEDICATION / LIGHTS is still observed to date in commemoration of what the MACCABEES did as well as YAH’S MIRACLE of REPLENISHING THE OIL IN THE MERNORAH LAMP for 8 extra days When YAHUSHUA came to earth, HE too celebrated this FEAST. In fact it happened some years before HE was born.


The Apostles of YAHUSHUA were constantly facing persecution in the form of beating, imprisonment, exile, etc however, they still STOOD UP AND PREACHED YAH’S TRUTH. This can be seen throughout the Book of Acts.

There are several other examples regarding STANDING UP FOR YAH’S RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS in the HOLY SCRIPTURES.

We are to be reminded that SEAL 5 of Revelation 5-18 will released MARTYRDOM to the earth. Some people will be empowered to STAND UP FOR YAH’S RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS!



  • The THIRD LESSON is in relation to FAITH. The Book of Hebrew 11 says that Abraham amongst other people in the HOLY SCRIPTURES pleased YAH through FAITH IN YAH and HE counted it to them as RIGHTEOUSNESS.


James 2:20-26 Names of God Bible (NOG)

20 You fool! Do you have to be shown that faith which does nothing is useless? 21 Didn’t our ancestor Abraham receive God’s approval as a result of what he did when he offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice on the altar? 22 You see that Abraham’s faith and what he did worked together. His faith was shown to be genuine by what he did. 23 The Scripture passage came true. It says, “Abraham believed God, and that faith was regarded as the basis of Abraham’s approval by God.” So Abraham was called God’s friend. 24 You see that a person receives God’s approval because of what he does, not only because of what he believes. 25 The same is true of the prostitute Rahab who welcomed the spies and sent them away on another road. She received God’s approval because of what she did.

26 A body that doesn’t breathe[a] is dead. In the same way faith that does nothing is dead.





  • The FOURTH LESSON can be found in Matthew 7 where we are told to ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO US. Zelophehad’s daughters took a STEP OF FAITH by approaching YAH’S PROPHET & PRIEST, Moses to ask for a Portion of Land. When they did, having enquired from YAH, their request was granted. We ought to remember John 15 that says that IF WE REMAIN IN YAHUSHUAH AND HE IN US, then whatever we ask for shall be granted unto us. Further on, from last week’s TORAH PORTION, we learned from YAHUSHUA and the FIG TREE that there is power in the TONGUE coupled with FAITH in YAH. Therefore if we decree a thing, it shall be established as said in:

Job 22:28 King James Version (KJV)

28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

Zechariah 4:6 New King James Version (NKJV)

So he answered and said to me:

“This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel:
‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’
Says the Lord of hosts.



  • The FIFTH LESSON is that YAH’S APPOINTED HOLY DAYS as well as HOW WE OBSERVE THEM are very important to HIM! For YAH to set aside two Chapters in Numbers (28 -29) just laying down details of how the HOLY FESTIVALS should be observed having already mentioned them in Leviticus 23, is a STRONG SIGN OF THE VITALITY OF THE APPOINTED TIMES. Note that the APPOINTED TIMES all point to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and what is to happen in the future.

They are for all MANKIND to observe and most especially the BRIDE & GUESTS OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (https://yahushua-thechiefcornerstone.com/bride-or-church-of-yahushua/).


  • The SIXTH LESSON is in relation to MAKING & FULFILLING VOWS. This is a serious matter that we should not take light as it always affects us in one way or another with or without our knowledge. THE SPIRITUAL REALM records everything and does not forget. Only YAH can help us get through this WILDERNESS called earth. We ought to constantly think twice before making vows as well as asking YAH to REMIND US if there are any VOWS we made in the past AND HAVE NOT BEEN FULFILLED.

YAH always does HIS part. It is we humans that tend to forget and then it counts against us as sin. BEWARE!


The SEVENTH and FINAL LESSON is that YAH has a plan for each and everyone of us on earth. Before coming to earth, we were all in Heaven at some point. We human beings were created BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM. Our Spirits and Souls existed in Heaven before being placed in to our FLESHLY BODIES here on earth (Psalm 139). Remember that the HOLY SCRIPTURES say in John 4 that YAH is SPIRIT and those who worship HIM must do so in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH! Genesis makes it clear that MAN AND WOMAN were MADE IN YAH’S IMAGE AND AFTER HIS LIKENESS. We are therefore SPIRITS just like YAH is.

As seen in Jeremiah 1, we were made for a PURPOSE here on earth. Those that are the BRIDE & GUESTS OF YAHUSHUA have a ROLE TO PLAY in relation to ENCOURAGING THE GEOWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF YAH (Matthew 6:33; Matthew 28) The ROLES play out in various ways as seen in 1 Corinthians 14.

Yahushua son of Nun (Joshua) was specifically chosen by YAH just like Moses to lead YAH’S people to the PROMISED LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY. The PRIESTS who worked in the TABERNACLE OF MOSES were chosen by YAH. Everything was DESIGNED BY YAH as desired and passed on to Moses. That is to show us that OUR LIVES ARE NOT OUR OWN!

OUR SALVATION BELONGS TO YAH! We are to do things in YAH’S WAY (and not our way)!


YAHUSHUA'S name meaning pic


There are various PRAYER POINTS that we can gather from the above LESSONS FROM THIS TORAH PORTION!


May YAH help us to be the people that HE would like us to be in YAHUSHUA’S name!