Are You SINGLE and Wondering When You and Your SOULMATE Will Meet? (AMW)


The following is very useful to read whether you are single or married as you can help a single person you know or come across someone who is struggling to appreciate their singleness and would rush or go into marriage wrongly. Singles need a lot of encouragement! Here is the link to the original page from which the following information has been copied:

Oh YAHUSHUA Where is My Soulmate? Are you really Ready?

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Are you looking for your perfect match? If you would just enter your gender, age, zipcode and country below you’ll be just one step away from finding God’s gift to you………wait what? Why does that sound like that Christianmingle website? Well that’s because it is. So why so many emails to Amightywind Ministry as if this is what we stand for?

YAHUSHUA or Something Else?


How precious the souls that YAHUVEH GOD brings to this ministry. So many writing with the testimony that they’ve heard the voice of YAH in the prophecies and desire to obey.

But how sad though the enemy comes in to steal their focus away from YAHUSHUA. How does he steal their focus you ask? By getting their focus on SOULMATES.

Amightywind Ministry is not a dating service site.

Standard of Amightywind About Soulmates

Focus on God

Precious ones, do you understand the standard of holiness in Amightywind Ministry? YAHUVEH GOD has spoken prophetically time and time again, that NO ONE is to be thinking about a soulmate unless YAH HIMSLEF said so and you’ve received confirmation from the leadership about who that soulmate is.

Beloved Prophet Elisabeth has been given the honor from heaven of giving this confirmation as to who are soulmates and even who are not.

Any action apart from these steps is an act of disobedience.

bro and sis

Our further instruction from heaven is if YAH didn’t establish two soulmates or gave confirmation through the proper chain of command,

We are to look at one another as only brother and sister in YAHUSHUA.

Reasons Not To Look for Soulmate

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I am a Youth Minister in Amightywind Ministry and as I minister I realize many new beloveds who come to the ministry, the desire for a soulmate is one desire they want to be fullfilled..immediately. Of course, they make this known in many different ways.

Here is a reason why we don’t focus on obtaining soulmates.


thinking guy

Have you ever felt what some would call a ‘natural attraction’ towards your brother or sister in YAHUSHUA? Have you felt feeling of infatuation come over you as you talk with this brother or sister?

Fluttery feelings in the belly, romantic thoughts crossing or racing through your mind? YAH didn’t tell you it’s ok to entertain those things, YAH never said you were soulmates, so guess what? It’s lust.

It is what is called Wanderlust.

This spirit was exposed by IMMAYAH prophetically through Prophet Kathrynyah. It’s a subtle form of lust that can enter in when the thoughts are not held captive.

woman lying on grass

Feelings towards another that makes one feel like they are on cloud 9. You’ll find the same spirits manifesting through many ‘love’ songs, ‘romantic’ novels, and ‘romantic’ movies.

upset woman made and husband

That spirit actually puts out the fire of love. So much so that if YAH were to actually bring your soulmate you will not be able to appreciate him or her. Sad right? But its true.

Wanderlust will draw you to this person and when satisfied it draws you to another person and it goes on and on. A subtle spirit that leads to adultery. Why? Because it’s not love, and love goes even beyond feeling. Only in love can their be faithfulness, trust and commitment.


Song of Solomon 8:4 “Do not awaken love before its time”


Another reason to avoid thinking about soulmates when YAH has not commanded you to, is the door of jealousy opens, simply because you’ve chosen to be outside YAH’s protection.

Imagine this scene and sad to say it happens. Here are four sisters desiring this brother as a soulmate. Here are four brothers desiring this sister as a soulmate. What do you think is going to happen when this brother talks to this sister and the sister to this brother?

jealousy 2

Others who set their hope upon him/her to be their soulmate will very soon feel the fire of jealousy. Jealousy and heartbreak. And that breaks YAH’s heart for this is not HIS will for any of HIS children.

And dear beloveds as a Youth Minister, this is a hard reality to see.



Now if you have chosen to set your heart on YAH and not think about a soulmate and to look at the other as only brother or sister, imagine the trust.

Imagine the trust that your soulmate will have in you when YAH does bring him/her because you prior refused to look beyond brother and sister.


Even though YAH was to put your soulmate in front of you and say look at him/her as a brother/sister and nothing more and you obey, WHAT TRUST YOUR SOULMATE CAN HAVE IN YOU. They can trust that you will only have eyes for the other. Even more than that, MUCH MORE than that.

YAHUVEH will see that HE can trust you.

Are you really ready?

couple walking holding hands

YAHUVEH GOD has many reasons why HE brings two people together in a soulmate relationship. And here is a secret. It is often the ones who aren’t looking for one. It’s the ones that have come to such a place in their love for YAH that in their hearts they say “I need no one else, I desire no one else but YOU YAH”.

I wrote this blog under instruction from the leadership so you know this is the standard that must be lifted up in Amightywind Ministry. YAHUSHUA is coming soon and there is no time to loose sight of HIM.

Prophecy 92 excerpt If you desire your Soulmate, their body will be pure before ME with a desire to worship and serve ME above all else as you do. Your Soulmate shall be full of Holiness and together you shall lead souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. You are not to wonder who this person is, I will bring your Soulmate when I know both are ready.

Adam and Eve

YAHUSHUA adam eve

Adam and Eve were soulmates, did you know that? But here is another reason YAH does not want our minds focused on soulmates outside HIS timing.

1 Timothy 2:14 says Adam was not deceived but Eve was deceived. So why did Adam eat the fruit too? He chose Eve over YAH. Adam focused on his soulmate in such an ungodly way, it became idolatrous.

And that broke YAH’s heart and HE is determined not to go through that heartbreak again. Adam walked with YAH first and then HE brought Eve. YAH has always been first and HE must always remain first.

thinking guy

To the men, imagine this. Your mind is on that soulmate and her mind is on YAH. Who will be head in that relationship if YAH were to bring you both together? Something to think about.


Jesus painting

One of my favorite quotes from the Prophecies is in prophecy 86 where YAHUSHUA says:

“You say, Speak to me my beloved, I want a glimpse of you” and I say, “I am here and I embrace you and I kiss you and I love you and I hug you and I hold you”. These are MY Bride. They are not a disobedient so-called Bride. “

Fall in love, fall passionately in love with YAHUSHUA. Who can compare to HIM? Desire HIM above all else. Remember not all will receive their soulmates on earth.


It doesn’t mean you won’t meet him/her in heaven. So don’t spend your days thinking about one but seek first the Kingdom of YAH and HIS righteousness and allow HIM to add all things to YOUR life as it lines up with HIS will (Matthew 6:33).