“BESHALACH/B’SHALACH/When He (Pharoah) Sent or Let Go”


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TORAH PORTION NO. 16: “Beshalach – When he sent — בשלח”

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Today (Friday 26th to Saturday 27th January 2018) is SHABBAT “BESHALACH/When He Sent or Let Go”.

Finally, Pharoah lets the Children of Israel go free from Egypt after Almighty YAHUVEH/YAHWEH ELOHIM devastates the land of Egypt with all manner of plagues some not mentioned in the Book of Exodus, such the leviathan that went from the sea and took of the roof tops of the Egyptians’ houses, etc. It’s interesting that after all that, the Egyptians still did not give up on enslaving the Children of Israel.

This is the 16th TORAH Portion Reading.

Praise YAHUVEH ELOHIM Almighty for HIS mighty power!!! If we hide in HIM, HE fights for us!


Do you know that after Pharoah’s subjects and chariots were drowned in the Red Sea (meant to be Reed Sea or Sea of Reeds), Pharoah did not return to Egypt to rule or testify.

When Pharoah bowed HIS knee before ABBA YAHUVEH ELOHIM thereby acknowledging HIM as the only GOD (a.k.a YAH/ELOHIM), YAHUVEH ELOHIM had mercy on him then sent one of HIS Holy Angels to Pharoah. The Angel carried Pharoah to Nineveh (present day Mosul, Iraq) where Pharoah ruled and reigned for a long time.

Prayer based on Today’s TORAH Portion:

  • May ABBA YAHUVEH in HIS infinite mercy cause every Spiritual Sea of Reeds (a.k.a Red Sea) before you to part in YAHUSHUA’S (a.k.a JESUS’/YESHUA’S) name, that you may gain your rightful freedom from bondage/slavery in YAHUSHUA’S name and the power of YAHUSHUA’S blood!!!
  • Additionally, May ABBA YAHUVEH cause you to cross every Spiritual Jordan River before to part that you may cross over into your position and place of promise as per Jeremiah 29:11 in YAHUSHUA’S name!!!
  • Let ABBA YAHUVEH ELOHIM arise in HIS anger to scatter plus destroy every spiritual and physical Amalekite assigned against you with a death warrant so as to steal your inheritence, in the mighty name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!


It’s time to step into and enjoy your inheritence as designed by YAHUVEH ELOHIM Almighty!

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  • TORAH (First Five books of the Holy Biblical Scriptures/Five Books of Moses)

Exodus 13:7 – 17:16

  • HAF-TORAH ( usually PROPHETS or WRITINGS) – Prophets

Judges 4:4 – 5:31


Matthew 14:22-33

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Portion Summary

The sixteenth reading from the Torah is named Beshalach (בשלח), which means “When he sent.” The title comes from the first verse of the reading, which can be literally translated to say, “And it happened when Pharaoh sent out the people.” The reading tells the adventures of the Israelites as they leave Egypt, cross the Red Sea, receive miraculous provision in the wilderness and face their first battle.

Portion Outline

    • Exodus 13:17 | The Pillars of Cloud and Fire
    • Exodus 14:1 | Crossing the Red Sea
    • Exodus 14:26 | The Pursuers Drowned
    • Exodus 15:1 | The Song of Moses
    • Exodus 15:20 | The Song of Miriam
    • Exodus 15:22 | Bitter Water Made Sweet
    • Exodus 16:1 | Bread from Heaven
    • Exodus 17:1 | Water from the Rock
    • Exodus 17:8 | Amalek Attacks Israel and Is Defeated
    • Jdg 4:1 | Deborah and Barak
    • Jdg 5:1 | The Song of Deborah

Image result for beshalach torah portion images

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