Looking up to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, THE DELIVERER In The Midst of ha satan’s trickery into Enslavement – John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8 [SHEMOT/NAMES Commentry] – Friday 24th December 2021 / Tevet 20 – 21


The main less from Joseph’s enslavement in Mitzrayim/Egypt and later that of his descendants is that we are required to always LOOK UP TO YAH SHADDAI, our CREATOR for everything in life!!! The Israelites cried out for help to YAH and HE heard their cry and answered them using Moshe as HIS Vessel unto honour to DELIVER them from Mitzrayim just as YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; Not Yeshua! ; Not YeshaYAHU!!!] would do the same many years later for us all who choose to believe in HIM and follow HIM wholeheartedly! John 3.

Will stop here for now. Many add more information.

1. Was “Moses, the Deliverer” really born a STAMMERER?

2. Similarities between “MESSIAH YAHUSHUA” and “Moses the Deliverer”

3. Did Moshe’s/Moses’ parents know in advance that he was their “Appointed Deliverer”?

4. The Hebrew Midwives, SHIPHRAH AND PUAH OF EXODUS 1: Who Exactly Were They? [August 2021]

The bondage of ISRAEL began when Yitzchak a.k.a Yitzchaq [Isaac] was born.

YAHUsef [Joseph] later became the instrument through which the bondage began as he experienced it first and got DELIVERED from it and then later his descendants went through it also.

The enslavement of ISRAEL   in Mitzrayim/Egypt did not last 430 years as we told in summarised Version of THE HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES [Genesis to Revelation]!

The one in Mitzrayim/Egypt in last a few years as it began at the birth of Myryam [the eldest child of Amram and Yocheved] then got worse at the birth of Aharon [second born] and then got much worse when Moshe [third  born] was born.

Between the birth of Aharon and Moshe, many Israelites begininning with Amram divorced their wives as they fear impregnating their wives and losing their babies. Myryam at age 5 was a Midwife along with her month, Yocheved. These are mention in Exodus 2. They protected many Israeli babies by YAH’S GRACE, HalleluYAH! This angered Pharoah. As a result, close to the birth of Moshe, Egyptian women were stationed at each Israelite house so as to monitor them to know as and when they birthed Children so as to report the births and have the children taken away and killed by dumping this in the River Nile. Much blood was shed that season, sadly.

When Myryam Prophesied the birth of Moshe THE DELIVERER, their parents, Amram and Yocheved were still divorced and fearful. They struggled with the Prophecy but eventually got comforted by YAH SHADDAI and re-married. They were both 130 years when Moshe was born. YAH renewed their strength and beauty.

And Interestingly, Yocheved lived until past the death of Moshe. She was a PIOUS WOMAN so YAH gave her many years to live on earth . 

As long as Ya’akov Y’Isra’EL’s children lived, ISRAEL was untouchable by Mitzrayim/Egypt!
Even before YAHUsef died, Mitzrayim out of extreme jealousy and covetousness desired to enslave ISRAEL however they could not! As long as any of Ya’akov’s children lived, Mitzrayim dared not to try to enslave ISRAEL as each of the Children had enough strength and ANOINTING FROM YAH SHADDAI to take down a whole Country/Nation!

This SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH was passed on to their descendants and so Mitzrayim thought to themselves that the one way to lure ISRAEL into slavery and thus weaken ISRAEL was to trick them. Mitzrayim tricked ISRAEL into handing over their wealth to Mitzrayim and afterwards start to work in order to earn a living.  This was all done slowly but gradually. All the TRIBES OF  ISRA’EL fell for the lie, sadly except LEVI whom led by Amram, Moshe’s father being a PIOUS MAN obtained Prophetic Insight from YAH SHADDAI of the evil agenda of Mitzrayim and so he warned ⚠️ his brethren however his brethren still went ahead to work for Mitzrayim with a desire to be wealthy, the very wealth that they had earned without working for it. They allowed their hearts to pine for the very things YAH had BLESSED them with originally instead of Trusting YAH SHADDAI. This is similar to what occurred in THE GARDEN OF EDEN – Genesis 3.

The devil used trickery to win them over and thus weaken them completely. 

It was a very sad situation and in fact, it angered YAH SHADDAI greatly. THE TRIBE OF LEVI WAS GREATLY REWARDED FOR rejecting the devil’s tricks. They were latr forced into working like their breathen except they were allowed to only make one brick a day unlike their brethren.

As time went on, Mitzrayim/Egypt started to crush ISRAEL’S Children between the bricks of the buildings that Mitzrayim was forcing ISRAEL to make. IF ISRAEL did not make enough bricks as required per day, the punishment was grievous.

It was truly bitter and hard labour. If in the beginning when they were being lured or tricked into working for their living, they started off by making, let us say 10 bricks a day, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WAS EXPECTED OF the Israelites who had been doing this even when mortar was no longer provided to them. One was not allowed to make less.

This was a tactic to also keep the ISRAELI MEN separated from the women!

Another tactic used was to lure ISRAEL into sleeping where they worked rather than return home to their families to rest well and more comfortably.

CONCEPTION, PREGNANCY AND CHILD BIRTH WAS HINDERED by ha satan through his agents, Mitzrayim/Egypt so that ISRAEL did not multiply and overpower Mitzrayim/Egypt.  Ha satan wanted to kill off ISRAEL and wipe them off of the face of the earth just ad Haman desired again many years later.


Moshe needed to go through some training so he did not commence THE DELIVERANCE WORK until he was approximately 80 years! By the time Moshe was 80, the number of years determined for the bondage to occur in Mitzrayim/Egypt were also up. 

Exodus 3 is very outstanding because for the first time, we see YAH SHADDAI meet mankind and talk with him face-to-face in a Unique way since THE FALL IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN [Genesis 3]!

In this Chapter 3 of Exodus, we see THE CREATOR, GOD THE FATHER WHOSE NAME IS YAHUVEH [a.k.a YAHWEH] introduce HIMSELF as AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH meaning IAM THAT I AM!  HalleluYAH! Moshe knew YAH already and was walking with him since he was born but this Extremely Special Encounter was not to be taken for granted. Moshe was quite fearful because of his defect – slurred speech which came as a result of saving his life from being cut short by Balaam and Pharoah back in Mitzrayim/Egypt when he resided in the Palace as a young boy. It took much persuasion by YAH SHADDAI for Moshe to agree to do YAH’S WILL. It took Moshe about a week to agree after that Special Encounter.

Moshe had a staff with him at the encountered which he had obtained from his father-in-law, Yitro [Jethro] who had obtained it from YAHUsef while in Mitzrayim/Egypt many years before that.
This staff had been passed down the generations from Adam to Moshe. Moshe was the last to possess and use it. This staff had YAH’S NAME, YAHUVEH on it so, it was extremely special. Nimrod’s parents managed to steal the Clothes which YAHUVEH sewed for Adam from Noah upon leaving the Ark however, THE STAFF could be stolen and used by just anyone as it EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Now, this staff of Moshe and that of Aharon and Joseph, the earthly father of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH are the most outstanding in BIBLICAL HISTORY as Mysteries occurred on and with them.

*Exodus 4 is also outstanding in the sense that we see Moshe’s heart regarding BRIT MILAH [COVENANT OF CIRCUMCISION] for one of his sons and  YAHUVEH’S Response to this.* Though Moshe was special to YAH SHADDAI, he would have lost is life that day. Praise YAH SHADDAI because his wife was Spiritually sensitive and so she stepped in and saved the day. Otherwise, ISRAEL would have waited another many years for another DELIVERER to be sent to them.
*This goes to show you that the consequences of not doing YAH’S WILL does not only affect you negatively but also those who are attached to you Spiritually!* Moshe seemed to be somewhat difficult despite having spent 10 years in Prison in Yitro’s home for no reason though he was later described as humble. *And by the way, Moshe came into the world already circumcised due to the times during which he was born.*

Then Moshe meets up with Aharon, his brother at which point *they are led by HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT to send Moshe’e wife, Ziporrah back to her father’s house temporarily along with their children for protection purposes. They would later meet up after THE DELIVERANCE OF ISRAEL from bondage to Mitzrayim/Egypt!*

Then, back in Mitzrayim, Moshe is introduced to his people, ISRAEL with a particular focus on the Leaders of Israel! After this, Moshe along with his brother, Aharon goes on to face Pharoah so as to demand for ISRAEL’S Freedom! This encounter led to ISRAEL’S Labour to become much worse than it had already been.

I am reminded of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH here when HE was in hell’e prison cells as per Psalm 24 and 107. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH had to command the Bars of the Prisons of hell fire 🔥 3 times to make way for HIM and thus free HIM from their bondage of HIM. In the same way, it was not an easy process for ISRAEL to be freed from Mitzrayim/Egypt!

Exodus 6 is crucial to read often and Memorise because it bears many PROMISES OF DELIVERANCE and what would occur after THE DELIVERANCE! The following are the most outstanding Verses which we repeatedly quite during each PESACH [PASSOVER] SEDER:

Exodus 6:6-8

King James Version

Wherefore say unto the children of Israel, I am the LORD YAHUVEH, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will rid you out of their bondage, and I will REDEEM  [YAHUSHUA] you with a STRETCHED OUT ARM, and with great judgments:

And I will take you to me for a people, and I will be to you a GOD: and ye shall know that I AM THE  LORD YAHUVEH  your GOD, which bringeth you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians.
And I will bring you in unto the land, concerning the which I did swear to give it to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob; and I will give it you for an heritage: I am the LORD YAHUVEH.

Verse 8 is an iriteration of what was said to Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya’akov Y’Isra’EL many years before as recorded in THE BOOK OF GENESIS.

NOTE THAT WEE SEE THE WORDS, DELIVER, REDEEM, BRING OUT frequently in this TORAH PORTION and some other Chapters of the Book of Exodus. *YAH SHADDAI says that for part of THE HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES where you see these words, THE HEBREW NAME, YAHUSHUA is there in THE HEBREW BIBLES.*
Sadly, it had been replaced with “Yeshua” however it does not mean that Yeshua is the correct name!!!!


YAH continues to have a conversation with Moshe in Chapter 6. It is clear that for every occasion that Moshe went to Pharoah, he went having been instructed by YAH SHADDAI.  He did not take matters into his own hands.

*It is interesting to see that NAMES ARE MENTIONED IN EXODUS CHAPTER 1. This points to the NAME OF THE BOOK IN THE HEBREW LANGUAGE!!!*

This Book commences with the Children of Israel who travelled with Ya’akobv Y’Isra’EL from Canaan to Mitzrayim/Egypt as per YAHUsef’s invitation many years before this. This is linking up with the end of Genesis.

Then in Exodus 6, THE TRIBES OF ISRA’EL are mentioned again by YAH SHADDAI to Moshe in preparation for going to approaching Pharoah to demand for their FREEDOM!

*It is worth noting that the Egyptian Phaorah who ended up enslaving ISRAEL was coarsed into doing so by his people. His people even imprisoned him for sometime and stripped him of his honour just so as to get him to do their bidding. Eventually, he succumbed.* This could be one of the reasons as to why YAH SHADDAI spared Pharoah’s life when drowning his military men in the Sea of Reeds a.k.a Red Sea! And one of the reasons they were killed by drowning was because they killed many Israelite babies through drowning them in the River Nile and the River Nile cried out with the innocent blood calling for vengeance.


What I find very interesting is that in the week of reading this TORAH PARASHA, there is a demonic/satanic festival (Christmas). In fact, this has happened to be on the last day of this week. IT IS A FESTIVAL WHICH PUTS PEOPLE IN ha satan’s bondage!!! And simultaneously, we are reading about Egyptian Pharoah enslaving ISRAEL and YAH sending HIS DELIVERER, MOSHE!

YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH Is Not The Reason for the Christmas Season!!! HE has never been!!! It is all deception and trickery!!!

*So, this weekend, CHOOSE for yourself WHOM you wish to serve, YAH or Baal???* If you choose to celebrate Christmas, you are serving and worshipping Ba-al however if your observe YAH’S SABBATH accordingly and do away with Christmas, then you are choosing to serve worship YAH SHADDAI and thus you become a SPIRITUAL VIRGIN as per Matthew 25:1-13.

*THOSE WHO OBSERVE CHRISTMAS AND EASTER ARE NOT PURE SPIRITUAL VIRGINS OF THE LORD YAH [Matthew 25:1-13]!!!* Rather, they are adulterers and idolaters!!!