Prophecy: A VISION OF GROSS DARKNESS SHOWN To THE BLOOD Evangelists (March 2021)!



2 Corinthians 13:14 THE GREETING

Amos 8:9-

[2021/March/30, 10:18] Sister Victoria Israel: *A Vision of Gross Darkness Shown To The Blood Evangelists Last WeeK.*
In that vision of the night last week i carried my 4 month old baby 👶🏽 in my hands going out of the house to share 📢📖 testimony of Christ to people. My own apartment 🏠had Light 💡 but from the other compounds to eternity has no light (total darkness)…
I was initially entering the dark road to go share the goodnews but the darkness was very very thick like tanpoline and so scary I had to return back home ….. I now stood at my banlony sharing the testimony.
*Another Confirmation From a G.O.*
This morning I went out to sound this 3days darkness warning to churches in my territory and one of the churches I went to I only met the wife which was giving a listening ear till her husband (Pastor/General Overseer) of the church showed up….. Who confirmed as I was talking with him the scary vision he saw in the dream this morning…. That he doesn’t understand it and God pointed to him that a sister will come and explain what he saw to him…. I went to other churches around but they were arguing it can’t happen because God is a merciful God.