ABRAHAM AND SARAH IN AND DEPARTURE FROM Mitzrayim/Egypt [Genesis 12:10-20]: A PASSOVER/PESACH STORY! 2. Their Visit and Experience Made Way For Their Future Descendants, ISRAEL 🕎! 3. THE THEME and A PICTURE OF YAH’S SALVATION/REDEMPTION/DELIVERANCE [YAHUSHUA] – Psalm 91; John 3:16; etc! – Friday 15th April 2022/ NISAN/AVIV 14


Before ISRAEL could enjoy GOSHEN, someone had to pay the price for it on their behalf ahead of time, HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH 👏 ! *Sarah and her great grand-son, Joseph did.* Praise YAH SHADDAI!

1. Cover: Joseph Saves His Family Genesis 41:53-47:12. Joseph Saves His Family. Genesis 41:53 through 47:12.