Elon Musk: Accepted SALVATION??? 🤨🤔 1. CAN A Fallen Angel a.k.a demon a.k.a alien really accept YAH’S SALVATION [YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH] BY GIVING THEIR LIVES TO YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as per John 3:16; 1 John 1:9; Isaiah 1:18; etc???2. IS YAH’S SALVATION FOR Angels or for humans ONLY? 3. THE Dangers of Continuing To Use BELOVED NAME, JESUS CHRIST and all its various translations including Y-E-S-H-U-A and CONSEQUENCES OF REFUSING TO LEARN THE ORIGINAL NAME OF THE MESSIAH/SAVIOUR! 4. THE IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THE ORIGINAL NAME OF THE MESSIAH/SAVIOUR, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! Saturday 29th January 2022 / SHEVAT 27


*Remember the movie: “THE 6TH DAY” by Anorld Schwarzeneggar?*

Video: The 6th Day Classic Trailer

This movie was pre-programming us to accept the plans of the enemy for humanity during these final years of earth as we know it in its fallen state. *Well, for those who have never heard of it or seen it, it is all about cloning humans beings.* They call it the 6th Day because mankind was formed on the 6th Day of the week. Additionally, mankind fell on the 6th Day of the week [Genesis 3]. *This movie is all about making YAH SHADDAI angry the more so that HE can send HIS JUDGEMENT quickly and I’m great measure to earth’s inhabitants!* Now here we are in 2022 with Elon Musk coming up with all kinds of ideas to make humans more and more demonic – Transhumans! *These lab produced babies have no souls! They are full of demons. They are not humans at all both inside and outside though they look like humans OK the outside.* The voice that speaks out of them is that of a a demon. Same goes for robots. So, let us not be fooled. *These transhumans are set to bring much havock* to this end time sinful fallen broken and distressing world of Esau. How interesting that this idea is being introduced through the dragon nation/country called China 🇨🇳. Read Revelation 3-4, 9-10 again. *While Rome 🇮🇹 and The Vatican 🇻🇦 are Esau Edom or Ideunia* [Source/Ref: The Legends of the Jews; The Antiquities of the Jews; Joel 2:28-29; Jeremiah 33:3] *and USA 🇺🇸 is Mystery Babylon, the Mother of all harlots* [Revelation 17-18], *China 🇨🇳 is ha satan himself* [Revelation 12:7-10; The First Book of Adam and Eve]! Ha satan has a sit there and a large altar dedicated to him. *It is beginning to make sense now why Mystery Babylon works so very closely with the dragon and eventually Mystery Babylon will be invaded by the dragon as well as the bear 🐻 (Russia 🇷🇺) and extremely maltreated.* Brace yourselves Brethren in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; Not Yeshua! ; Not YeshaYAHU!!!]. *Accept YAH’S SALVATION* [John 3:16; 1 John 1:9; Isaiah 1:18-20; Romans 6:23; etc] *and hide yourself in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, THE ROCK OF REFUGE* [Psalms 18:2; 71:3-5; 46:1] *so that you are not amongst the number that will be captured in Mystery Babylon, enslaved, raped and abused in many other ways, etc* within the next 1-2 years from now, Thursday 10th February 2022 / ADAR I, 9. SHALOM


Video: Elon Musk Wants Space X To Turn CO2 From Atmosphere To Rocket Fuel

Video: Why Bill Gates Wants All Us Farmland

Video: China Claims To Built The World’s Largest Robot ‘YAK’

1. “YAHUSHUA/YAHSHUA”, “Yeshua” or “JESUS”, which one according to YAH (GOD)?

2. Who is the MASHIACH (MESSIAH)?

3. YAH’S /GOD’S Names

4. “HASHEM,” “YAHUVEH a.k.a YAHWEH,” “YAHUWAH/YAHUAH” or “JEHOVAH a.k.a JEHOWAH,” which one (according to YAH a.k.a ELOHIM) Almighty?

Elon Musk’s networth is 218.3 billion USDollars. *How can this kind of person give theirlives to THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE JESUS CHRIST and still hold onto his wealth and kind of work??? 🤔🤔🤔*

Same Question goes for Kanye West and Snoop Dog??? 🤔🤔🤔

*When a true human sinner truly gives their lives to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, they have to give up all the wealth that they acquired through satanism because it is ha satan’s property* and we can not be of THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT, THE KINGDOM OF YAH and still hold onto the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of ha satan and all its property!!!

*Elon Musk is a fallen angel a.k.a demon a.k.a alien hiding in human skin. His master is ha satan and Obama!* If you find it hard to believe this, just check out the kind of work he does. *He is into the kind of business that is an abomination to THE CREATOR, YAH SHADDAI* as it is messing around with YAH’S IMAGE [Genesis 1:25-31] and CREATION [Genesis 1]!

*Elon Musk’s dream and plan is to distort, manipulate and utterly destroy THE IMAGE and world OF YAH SHADDAI!* His bosses are ha satan and B H Obama. He is one of their many right hand men.

1. He is behind the production of the mark of the beast and how it will be used to turn humans into cyborgs.
2. He believes in humans being half human and half robots.
3. He also contributes to the production of hybrid humans, animals and vehicles, etc.

*His colleague, Bill Gates a.k.a the Gates of hell fire* (another fallen angel hiding in human skin) *supports him very much so and also promotes the production of hybrid humans, plants and food. He promotes the release of Diseases, Vaccines 💉💉💉, Genetically Modified Organisms and human monitoring schemes, etc. He also specialises in technology and uses it negatively against humans.* Anthony Fauci, Mark Zuckerberg, Jared Kushner, Joe Biden, the British Royal family, etc are also fallen angels a.k.a demon a.k.a alien. There are many many many others. *THE CREATOR YAH SHADDAI says that Remember One Third (1/3) of Angels (children of HEAVEN] in THE HEAVENS/SHAMMAYIM fell along with ha satan and YAH SHADDAI adds that they are in the billions* [Revelation 12:9; The GOSPEL of Bartholomew; The Book of The Secrets of Enoch: *https://www.ccel.org/c/charles/otpseudepig/enoch/ENOCH_1.HTM etc*]. YAH SHADDAI adds further that amongst the billions who fell from or were cast out of THE HEAVENS, *there are billions of them here all over the earth 🌎 hiding in human skin and deceiving mankind in all kinds of ways and working hard to maintain the Deception so as to lead humans to hell fire 🔥 a.k.a Gehenna (5th earth 🌎 ) – John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8; etc.*

Brethren, wake ⏰ up from your slumber 💤😴🛏 and allow YAH SHADDAI to reveal things to you from a Spiritual Perspective! Don’t just take things as they are in the physical earthly [Realm].