Prophecy: LADIES🚺 (Women & Girls),GET RID OF Satan’s & Jezebel’s property BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE (if you really desire to be with YAH SHADDAI in the Heavens for eternity)!!!


The messages can not stop coming. They have been coming for a while now through various Members of THE BODY OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST; not Yeshua!!!).

More Important information to be added ASAP.


(Sunday 2nd May 2021 morning 🌄)

Ladies, you better pay attention. YAH SHADDAI is sending out so many messages concerning this – your physical appearance!

I too was given a message by YAH SHADDAI about this to share back in March 2021 however, I haven’t yet shared it but will soon.

YAH says that there are more ladies in hell the lake of fire than in the Heavens!!!😱😭

Men may be fewer in Churches but they make up the biggest number in the Heavens!

The spirit of Jezebel whom we believe is Satan’s wife and therefore the spiritual mother of the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ is working g so hard to ensure that ladies end up in hell the lake of fire for eternity!

She is sending all kinds to earth 🌎 in order to lure ladies to hell the lake of fire by putting them in bondage.

Ladies, get rid of make-up, hair attachments (including wigs, those extensions used for plaiting, etc), sexy pants 👖, sexy nickers like j-strings, Nail Polish/Vanish, bleaching creams, etc!

Detach yourselves from this world 🌎 and its property which belongs to satan while you still have the opportunity to do so. YOU CANNOT GET RAPTURED TO THE HEAVENS WITH THIS NOSENSE!!!

Ask yourself this, when YAH and other people see you, can they say you are a HEAVEN-BOUND Christian ✝️ 🕎???😱😱😱😭😭😭 Written by Sis. Perpetua Shulamit

Now, sharing a few Prophetic Words from the Heavens about this:

Prophetic Word 1 (By Sister Kerry-Ann Gidden)

Hi guys am going to do this post and leave it out there. It has been rested on my heart for months and through confirmation I am going to just go ahead and write what’s on my heart with love through the Holy Spirit.

Before I became as effective has I am with spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I had to go through a test of obedience. God tested by obedience to see if I would buckle under the lie or stand up for the truth. This period of my life was so rough! But God….

Ladies and gentlemen whether you believe it or not, God has an issue with Christians especially women dressing a certain way….

  1. I use to dress so sexy it’s unbelievable looking back…shorts, skinny jeans, tights, tight jeans, leggings, mini skirts, mini dress and in my mind I justify it my saying “it’s cultural”… Jesus spoke to my heart and said “My daughter not like the world”
  2. I was absolutely stunning when I wear make up very pretty again I justify wearing make up my saying “self confidence and I look horrid without make up”.. Jesus spoke to my heart very, very clearly and said “My daughter this is jezebel spirit…. I live inside of you this is not Me”….
  3. With my colour skin and I shine like a diamond when I wear jewellery .. In my head I told myself earrings brighten up my face and I just feel a wave of confidence and I look beautiful when I wear earring or other types of jewellery..If I leave the house and I forgot to put my earrings in its like I feel lost without it… Jesus spoke to my heart and said “My daughter it’s Me that beautify the meek with salvation”
  4. When God finally strip me of those things the change was so dramatical that people thought I look sick in my face because I wasn’t wearing make up anymore. They told me I look like an old lady because I have stop dressing “sexy”, they told me its 2016 what am I doing with natural hair, They told me I don’t look pretty anymore, they told me it’s a phase and I will soon go back to my old ways, they told me I am mentally unstable because I have lost it and I have gone too far, they told me am hearing from Satan not God …. All sorts!!

Through it all I stood on God’s word…. Leviticus 19:28 is very clear:

” Ye shall not make any CUTTINGS in your flesh for the dead, nor PRINT any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”

What I will say is this…… “obedience is better than sacrifice”. Listen to the Holy Spirit and match His words to the Holy scriptures #TeamJesus #Prophetess


My wife’s comment was a follows on this:

Video: THE MOST HIGH YAH Has A Namd for fake hair

Video Fake Nails and the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN or kingdom of hell…

Prophetic Word 2 (By Brother Aston Adam Mbaya)

Video: Jezebel is the real reason for 25 percent of women in Heaven

aston adam mbaya,

my dear we have to build our prayer life ,for our souls feed of the word of God ,but our spirit feed of prayer,the strength of our spirit is determined by our prayer life,often satanist are strong because they are dedicated in terms of abstinence, restriction and sacrifice ,as for us our sacrifice is our body, therefore we must pray to the point where the body is brutalised and feel pain,our body must be mortified,the bible say offer your body as a living sacrifice ,fasting and prayer is the sacrifice of the body to the lord ,we are instructed to pray everyday,according to spirit law a christian is suppose to pray for 4 hours everyday,many are calling me on the phone questioning this testimony about the chambers of hell,we all have an appointment which is death ,, if my testimony is false they will know who is deceiving himself ,but i know that they are deceiving themselves carried away by their foolishness, recently i went to testify in a church ,when i stood on the pulpit to testify ,i saw a sister that was seating at the front ,she was wearing a skirt that did not even reach her knee ,yet she had leg wide opened to the point of catching my attention,i said my sister stand up and go find a loin cloth to cover your body, otherwise you get out of the church ,the pastor was stunned to see me speak that way in his church,i said the church does not belong to a man it belong to jesus christ,
i keep saying that heaven and hell are real,you cannot go to heaven when you are attached to the property of the devil,you must perform a separation from all that belong to the devil ,we are called to separation from the world ,if you live for jesus you are heading to heaven , when you follow satan you will join him in the lake of fire and brimstone,for the devil does not want to go there alone ,in modern times ,when we take a look at churches membership ,it is apparent that women are the majority of souls attending churches,and men are minority,but i saw that men were the majority of souls there in heaven ,and women were the minority, there are so many women in churches today but few men,but i saw very few women in heaven, yet few men are coming to church but they are the majority in heaven ,among the soul that i saw in heaven 25 percent are women and 85 percent are men ,it has become more difficult for women to enter the ancient gate of the kingdom of heaven,in truth most women are attached to worldly items ,they need separation from the items of the world ,women would have to let go off a lot of items ,that is enabling the evil one to use them,in ancient time the world fell into corruption because of women,at the end of time the world will fall again because of pkrising female power,i was transported by the lord to the heaven,when i saw the deads in christ rising toward the gate of heaven,but demons are making claims on souls of men and women that have failed to separate from the world and confront unresolved sin,this is the place of account settling,after passing this place i joined the saint that made it to the eternal gate of the celestial kingdom,where deceased souls of the saint were in the queue,
,at the gate of heaven, i saw a woman that was dressed in white garment ,however ,when she moved towards the gate to enter , i saw that she lost her white garment that vanished ,i saw that she was now wearing a tinktop ,a legging and she had wig on her head,immediately the sister became unease and rattle ,she knew that something was not right ,quickly the lord voice spoke from within the city and said to the sister, i did not make you with snakes on the head, the sister was stunned to hear the lord speaking this way ,and she touched her head to check whether they were snakes or not, initially she felt her hair, i mean the wig she was wearing ,it was not long when this wig became snakes,my brother if only we could take photo i would have brought you pictures to show you the dangers of wig ,for they had turned to snakes ,the poor lady was disqualified from eternal life because these legging, tink top and wig ,the lord said dont be surprise for many have taken the narrow road of life but they will not enter,i remember when the lord took me to the world of satan ,where a strategic meeting was taking place in 1812,i saw the devil on the pulpit ,there were superior demon such as the princess Jezebel ,i saw in this meeting the princess jezebel with her hair that were snakes,for she is the mother of wig,weaver and fake hair that women wear on the earth,in this strategic gathering lucifer told the audience, i want all the women of the world to look like us,,immediately the princess jezebel stood up from her throne ,and began to make claim on the women of the world ,and she announce the design and multiplication of her ornament, such as wig,earring and jewelry ,and she vow to deploy her ornament and worldly adorment allover the world, so that women of the world will look like her ,she said to lucifer and the audience , i will put in circulation my hair ,jewelry and ornament, and when the women of the world will wear my hair and adornment they will look like us , and they will be like me,when women will put my instrument on their body they will become my daughters and i will become the mother of all the women of the world , and their souls will be mine,they will become queen of seduction for i am the princess of seduction ,my dears ,jezebel is the designer of all these wig that she is sending to the women of the world to wear then in honor of the lucifer, my sister,you can speak in tongue and prophesy ,the purpose of the items of jezebel is not to prevent you from speaking in tongue or prophesying ,these items of jezebel will stop you from entering the kingdom of heaven ,lucifer do not have a problem with your prophecy or speaking in tongue or serving God, what he want is your soul ,he want to prevent you from entering heaven,these things are her property ,you will not enter the pearly gate of heaven with the property of the princess of seduction jezebel, who was sitting on her throne along side lucifer in this meeting,because she is a princess ,the devil has sons and daughters ,when men are born on the earth they discover 2 father which is God and the devil, when men and women become attached to the things and property of the devil they become his daughter and sons ,the devil has princes and princess who give instruction to incarnate demon ,these are people would use the property of the devil ,when you were born from the womb of your mother you had no wig and no weaver but you were beautiful,but since you think the lord made you ugly the devil will find you a mother who is the princess jezebel, the mother of all the wig , the devil want all the woman of the world to look like jezebel that have snake on her head ,he said i want all the woman of the world to be possessed by the spirit of water mermaid and seduction ,that way they will serve to increase the lust of the flesh ,so that the dweller of the earth will be perishing, couples and family will be broken ,lucifer told the assistance,when water spirit of seduction enter the lives of these women of the world through our adornment ,these instrument will enable us to govern their lives ,my dear,a demon would not enter your life unless you open a door, as long as you keep the property of the devil,he has legality to destroy your life,when you wear the property of Jezebel you actually look like her, for in 1812 lucifer said i want the women of the world to look like us,and because of wig and worldly adornment the women of the world are carrying snakes on their head in honour of lucifer ,you should not try to tell God he did not make you fine,for everything he made was good,this woman was disqualified and the ground opened beneath her ,
another woman turn up but the gate of heaven remain closed for her ,i saw many eyes watching her ,this sister was wearing lady pants or trousers ,i was told that the numbers of eyes watching her is the numbers of men she committed adultery with , for it is written ,if any man looked at a woman to lust after her she has committed adultery with her, this sister dressing was a stumbling block for many men, that lusted after her committing adultery with her in their heart,,every time men were looking at her to lust after her they were actually having sex with her ,despite the fact that she was a christian and she served God ,she was disqualify because of scandalous dressing ,another woman turn up before the gate of heaven but the gate remain shut for her,and she also lost her white garment that vanished ,i learned that she was a preacher ,but the place of women is not the pulpit for women must stay silent in the assembly of the saint ,women can evangelise and win souls but they are not preachers in the church,after ward ,there was an 11 year old boy that stood before the gate of heaven ,that did not opened for him,immediately i saw little demon that were like toddlers arriving ,actually this boy used to watch cartoon ,yet most of these cartoon are diabolical ,the boy was stain by the cursed images of diabolical cartoon , my dear,putting cartoon for the children could mean sending them to hell,we keep saying that children are innocent but what they are watching is not innocent,in fact these images removed children innocence and make them rebellious, and judgement begin when children can distinguish good and evil,in the end time multimedia images are great weapon of satan against the church,these images are consecrated and filled with demon , they contain subliminal message of sexual perversion,children are initiated in subconscious witchcraft, they are bewitched ,this boy said i served God all my life because i knew the church and the lord since i was little ,but the boy was disqualified because of diabolical cartoon that had stain him,then i saw a pastor who was next in the queue ,when he stood before the eternal gate of heaven,but it did not open for him, the pastor was caring a bag in which they were women string ,which is a demonic lady underwear of queen of seduction, string is diabolical and attract spiritual husband, the lord said women were wearing string in his church and he was seeing it from time to time, for every movement of their body cause the string to become visible ,but he never preach against indecent dressing and this evil underwear,inside the bag of this pastor there were also lady pants or trousers ,this pastor preach that there is a trousers for men and there is also women trousers or lady pants, yet a trousers is man clothe,lady pants came to be as a result of a woman rebellion in France ,a french woman out of rebellion went out in trousers, yet the law of the country forbid women wearing trousers because it is men clothe,it is only in 2012 that the french government has abolish the law forbidding women from wearing trousers , this is in google ,this pastor was disqualified, he cried and said lord i was your servant ,the lord voice said, my servant is the one that do my will ,he said lord i preached your word, the lord said many are doing that but they are not my servant, only those who are doing my will that are my servant ,you deviated my people instead of teaching them my word you taught their the power of your own words,many of these members will go to hell because of their trust to the word of the pastor instead of studying the bible to verify whether their leaders are in sound doctrine or not ,people words are lies only God word that are true

Prophetic Word 3 (By Sister Happiness Aibangbee):






APR. 22Th, 2021.


“Favour (charm)is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.” Proverbs. 31:30

Today , I want to talk about the word which the Holy Spirit gave me sometime ago to share with all the sisters in Christ worldwide. Especially, now that God’s people are going into hidding as commanded by the Lord.


We will be looking at this in twofold. In the dispensation of the Old Testament and in the dispensation of the New Testament.

It is true, that the bible spoke of women who were beautiful and men who were good looking in the old Testament.
We will look at some of them in this article.



No doubt, Sarah the wife of Abraham, was indeed a very beautiful woman. Twice Pa Abraham told lies, or was economical with the truth in dealing with the amorous advances of the foreign monarchs to his wife Sarah. As a habit in ancient times, many of these godless Kings have a habit of adding every beautiful woman they set their eyes on, to their harem of women. Wherever, Sarah goes , men were captivated with her beauty. Our mother Sarah must have been an extremely beautiful woman to warrant such attention.Gen. 12:10-20. Gen. 20:1-18.

But what exactly made Sarah beautiful in the eyes of the Lord ? What made her stand out among women in the bible ? Was it her beauty ? Let’s take a look at what the Scripures says about this famous woman.

” Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement.” 1 Peter 3:6

There is a lot to talk about, from the passage of the bible quoted above. Suffice to say that, for now we shall focus our attention on Sarah.

With her kind of beauty, which made royalties fell head over heels in love( or lust after her) with her at first sight, Sarah could have maintained a proudful, arrogant, disrespectful, haughty attitude and ambitious.

Taking into consideration the fact that her husband , though wealthy, has no royal blood in his vein. And yet the heathen kings who were greatly enamored and overwhelmed with Sarah’s beauty were men of tremendous wealth and great affluence. First King Pharaoh of Egypt. Gen. 12:14-16. Then King Abimelech of Gerar. Gen. 20:14-16.

All these royal attention could have gotten into Sarah’s head, but no, not Sarah. She could have had Abraham eating from her hand, or twisted around her little finger. After all, the palace was waiting for her with open hands. With all these, Sarah still remained faithful, loyal, obedient and submissive to her beloved husband Abraham. To the extent that she used to call her husband ” Lord “. Sarah wasn’t calling Abraham her Lord merely with her lips. She met every word of it. How do we know, because the bible say so in verse 6 of 1 Peter 3. ” Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord…”

Sarah obeyed Abraham. It was her obedience, that led to her calling her husband, Lord. This classy and elegant woman of enomous beauty was not just beauty without brain. Our mother Sarah was an epitome of beauty, Godliness, loyalty, hospitality, faithfulness, meekness and much more.

This is the true biblical beauty which God desires all Christian women to possess. A quiet spirit, humility, meekness and godliness. Sarah exudes all these Godly qualities, hence the bible enjoined Christian women to emulate her virtoues characteristics.

For this reason, the word of God calls her our mother. So therefore, Sarah was beautiful in the sight of God, not necessarily because of her physical attractive features, but because of her Godly character. Her beauty is not just skin deep, she was beautiful inside out .


Rebekah Isaac’s wife was a beautiful woman. Gen. 24:16 Gen.26:7.
However, what made Rebekah outstanding was not her beauty, but her industriousness. Abraham’s servant asked the Lord to show him the woman who would be Isaac wife. He didn’t asked for the most beautiful girl in town. Rather, he wanted a hard working girl for his master’s son. He asked for a lady who will fetched him water to drink, and also volunteer to do the same for his carmels. Rebekah did just that. Thus, Rebekah married into the most famous family on earth, the Abrahamic covenant family with all its tons of blessings. Not because of her natural beauty, but because she was a hard working country girl. She also kept her virginity until marriage. She captured the heart of Abraham’s servant, and positioned herself as one of the matriarchs of the nation of Israel after her mother inlaw Sarah. If Rebekah refused to oblige Abraham’s servant and give him water, that fateful day, the chances is that we might never have heard of Rebekah.

Again, the beauty which brought Rebekah to limelight was not her physical beauty, but her good qualities and good manners. By her actions, she proved to Abraham’s servant that she was a well bred young woman. Hard working, humble, submissive, obedience, caring etc. These are the qualities which make a godly woman truly beautiful in the sight of God.


Rachael wife of Jacob was so beautiful that Jacob fell in love with her immediately and was willing to serve her father for seven years just to secure her hand in marriage. Gen. 29:17-18 Unfortunately there is not much to say about Rachael, other than she didn’t really fit into the shoes of her mother inlaw and Sarah. Other than the constant bickering between her and her sister Leah competing for her husband’s affection, Rachael did stole her father’s idols. And even went ahead and lied about it. Despite being married to Jacob for many years, Rachael was still enamored with her family idols. This beautiful lady had a character flaw. Her beauty did not really make her outstanding in any way. She was a lover of idols, and not a lover of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Even when the opportunity to give up the strange gods was presented itself to her, she rejected it and lied in a bid to keep those idols to herself. It’s likely that Rachael died in idolatry. For when her father Laban queried Jacob’

” Wherefore has thou stolen my gods ?” Gen. 31:30.

Not knowing that Rachael is the culprit, the thief who stole the strange gods, Jacob placed a curse of death on whoever that stole them.

” With whomsoever, thou findest thy gods, let him not live…For Jacob knew not that Rachael had stolen them” Gen. 31: 32.

She died while going birth to Benjamin as an avid lover of strange gods.
She will be forever remembered for her infamous acts of thievry and lies.
Rachael was a typical example of beauty without brain. Worst still, beauty without godliness. Not the kind of beauty which the Lord wants his daughters to possess.


Joseph was a handsome young man. The Bible said so. Gen. 39:38:6. The thing that makes Joseph stand out among his peers was not his handsomeness, but his deep spiritual perception of revelational dreams. In addition to his spiritual gifts, Joseph was an upright young man. He loved the Lord, hence he vowed not to defiled himself with Potipher’s wayward wife. It was his moral stance that took him to prison. And from prison to the palace. It was not his handsomeness, but his sexual purity and Godly character that brought him unimaginable fame.


King Saul of Israel, David’s predecessor was no doubt, a very good looking man, taller than anyone else in Israel.1 Samuel 9:2. His towering height and good looking features, notwithstanding, King Saul failed God and died a miserable man. No one remember how tall and handsome Saul was. He died a pathetic, hate filled, self pitying soul, rejected by God.


King David was a handsome young man too. The Bible says that David was of a beautiful countenance and goodly to look upon. 1 Samuel 16:12.
Was it David’s looks that made the Lord to promote him to such an enviable height ? Of course not. The Lord said that David was a man after his own heart. And he lived his life for God in every sense of it. Even when he sinned, a grave sin for that matter, he repented in great sorrow and with a contrite heart , he penned the famous soul stirring Psalm 51. Yes, David’s beauty was his Godly character and fear of God.


Abigail who later became David’s wife after the death of her first husband Nabal was equally beautiful too. 1 Samuel 25:3. However, the thing that made Abigail a remarkable woman was her sensibility. Through her wisdom, she averted what could have been a family tragedy. She and her household could have died of David’s vengeful sword. Abigail timely intervention prevented that from happening. This is what true beauty is all about.


Absalom the son of David was so handsome that the Bible says that there was none as good-looking as Absalom in Israel, at least in his time. To the best of my knowledge, he is the only one I have read about in the bible, that there is no blemish in him from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head. 2 Samuel 14:25. Absalom is one of the most evil men mentioned in the Bible. He killed his half brother Ammon in revenge for raping his sister Tamar, he burnt down Joab’s field, he turned the hearts of Israel away from from king David his father. He plotted against his father and attempted to dethrone him , he slept with his father’s concubines, formed his own army to war against his father’s army. Another beauty gone wrong. Although, Absalom was physically handsome, he wasn’t beautiful in God’s eyes.

All the people I mentioned were naturally beautiful and handsome. Their beauty was purely natural. Our mother Sarah, and the rest of the women, Rebekah, Rachael, Abigail etc did not fix eyelashes looking like caricature of themselves. They did not coat their lips with the blood of aborted babies to look beautiful. They didn’t squeezed their bodies into tight fitting clothes to enhance their body contours in order to draw attention to themselves and seduce men. These women were natural beauties.

But guess what, it is interesting to note, that none of these women were recognized or well spoken of in the bible due to their physical beauties. Let that sink in. Your physical beauty add zero value to your relationship with God. If physical beauty will buy anyone ticket to heaven, that mean, all the beauty queens in the world would be the first to enter heaven.

Let me emphasize this, your physical appearance has nothing to do with your entrance into the celestial City. The Lord is not interested in how attractive your physical appearance is.

” But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

You see, Samuel was about to make a costly mistake, as he was set to pour the special anointing oil on Eliab, David’s elder brother. It may be that Eliab look regal, tall and handsome. Looking at his appearance, Samuel concluded that, this must be the Lord’s anointed.

But he was very wrong. Beauty indeed is vain, but the woman that fear the Lord shall be praised.


Coming to the New Testament, the stakes are even higher. In fact the Bible did not make reference to individuals physical appearance as to whether they are beautiful or not. Not even once. The Scripures is completely silence on individual’s looks in the New Testament. The Bible never for once related how beautiful the women in the New Testament were. Or how handsome the men in the New Testament were. This is the message the Holy Spirit said I should share with you all. Heaven is not interested in your physical beauty or looks.

Please, answer these questions;

  1. Did the Bible tells you how handsome our Lord Jesus Christ was, while he was on earth ?
  2. What about John the Baptist, how handsome was he ?
  3. The apostles and disciples, how handsome, were they ? Did the Bible say ?
  4. How beautiful was Mary who gave birth to our Lord Jesus Christ ?
  5. How beautiful was Mary Magdalene ?
  6. How beautiful were Mary and Martha Lazarus’s sisters ?
    7.How beautiful was Salome ?
  7. How beautiful was Dorcas ? Was it her physical beauty or her good works as a philanthropist who gave succour to widows that earned her commendation from those around her, who insisted she must be brought back to life ? Was is because Tabitha was the most pretty lady in town?
  8. How beautiful was Lydia ?
  9. How beautiful were Evangelist Philip four daughters ? Were they known for their impeccable good looks or for the Prophetic mantle they carried ?
  10. How beautiful were Pricilla and Prisca ?
  11. How beautiful was Elizabeth ?
  12. How beautiful was Joanna ?

To mention a few.

How beautiful Believers in the New Testament were, the bible didn’t say. The only beauty, the Bible spoke of, in the New Testament, is the beauty of holiness, purity and godliness. Therefore, the truly beautiful Christian woman is the one who have imbibe the beauty of holy living, uprightness, wisdom, understanding, meekness, mercy, humility, temperance, love, obedience etc. The Lord is emphasing this, because many deceivers have find their way to the pulpit. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see these Pastors who have sold out, berating those preaching the truth. They accused us of discouraging you from making yourself beautiful for your husbands. They are the ones confusing the people of God, telling them to look good for their husbands. I have seen where Pastors encouraged sisters in their congregation to go ahead and look good for their husbands and break God’s law on the prohibition wearing trousers, make ups and hair dos. If your husband likes it you can paint your face, use lipsticks, wear trousers or even bumshort, fix weave on, they tell our sisters. And since many likes to be deceived, they are excited at such hellish doctrines. The Lord said I should warn you, anyone who love his husband or wife more than him is not worthy to be his disciple.

You have seen for yourself that all the men and women who were commended by the Lord in the Old Testament were people of outstanding character, though some were extremely beautiful and handsome.

Come to New Testament, in the very era of grace, there was no single mention of physical appearance or beauty God’s people. Let that sink in.

I have spent considerable time writing on wearing of trousers, make-ups, artificial hair, perming, Jerry curling, bleaching of the skin to a different shade of colour, dyeing, stretching and softening of the textual of the hair either through hydroquinone products or through natural means of adding different fruits and oil together to achieve the same effect, wearing of high heels shoes, Jewelries etc. Let me warn if you are involved in any of these things, know for sure, that you are on your way to hell fire. Make mistake about that. You have seen it that true beauty have nothing to do with obsession with your physical appearance or painting your face like orisa.

But these teachings, have not gone down well with many of our sisters. They want some leniency on this. They desire some kind of compromise here and there to accommodate things which they see as beauty enhancement. Many are still preoccupied with their looks. At such a time as this, when eternity and how to be Consequently, there was a heavy backslash and name calling. By the grace of God and to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil, I will always remain an uncopromising and adamant advocate
of inward and outward purity, holiness and righteousness. There’s no negotiation, no lowering the standard of holiness and righteousness .


Repent from all appearance of evil. Cease from the pursuit of vain beauty and all that it entails. Seek Godly character and qualities. For that is the real beauty in God’s sight. Above all, fear God, for that is true beauty.

God bless you.


Sister Happiness Aibangbee.

Prophetic Word 4 (By Sister Happiness Aibangbee):

Shalom! Prepare, The End Is Nigh! (Evangelist/Prophet Happiness Aibangbee)
SHALOM! PREPARE, THE END IS NIGH End Is Nigh! (Evangelist Happiness Aibangbee)

Posted/Released on 11th August 2020:





AUGUST 11, 2020

Permit me to tell you a bit about my encounter with the Lord. A couple of years ago, after I gave my life to the Lord I heard many conflicting teachings about how women ought to maintain their hairs. To fix or not to fix weave on , use attachments, put on wigs , braid the hair with or without attachments , plait the hair with rubber, cotton or nylon thread or wool or the blow the hair etc. There was no consensus, among the conflicting voices. It was confusing to say the least. This led me to embarked on a journey of discovering the truth, by engaging in serious prayers, seeking the face of God on the matter. I prayed diligently to God and asked him to reveal to me whether fixing weave on, braiding my hair with attachments, hair extensions , putting on wigs, perming or blowing my hair is acceptable to him or not. The answer didn’t come over night. It took sometime and it was a very intense kind of prayer. I really cried my heart out to the Lord. I told him that I don’t want to go to hell, that I am willing to amend my ways if he finds my hairdo offensive in his sight.

And then the Lord , began to speak. It was a broad daylight encounter. On that fateful afternoon, the Lord spoke extensively and specifically told me that those things I asked him are abominations in his sight. The Lord revealed to me that weave on, attachments, hair extensions, wigs, Jerry curling, perming and blowing of hair are not acceptable to him. He asked me to bring out all my weave on and attachments, wigs and rollers and burn them. Including my trousers, leggings, lipsticks, makeups kit etc. I burnt everything that day.

Furthermore, the Lord told to stop wearing my husband’s shirts a habit I have formed, boxers, briefs and shorts. He said he considers them to be a man,s wear and as such all his daughters who want to make it to heaven should not wear any of these things. He also stated that I should stop wearing T shirts with collers rather I should wear the T shirt with round neck, but without collers. I burnt all my ungodly attires, artificial hairs, makeups kit as a result of this encounter.
This is what the Lord told me in my encounter with him. The whole encounter lasted for days.

Still I began to implore the Lord and sincerely pleaded with him to allow me to soften my hair with dark and lovely hair relaxer. This was a few days later after my first encounter. My argument with the Lord is that my hair is stubborn, thick and strong . Without, softening it, it will be very painful to comb. The Lord did not respond. As my family and I were driving to one of the popular supermarkets in the city, I was seriously pleading with the Lord over this issue. Still no response. The silence was deafening. At the parking lot of this supermarket, as I came out of the car, I told the Lord, that okay if my request displeased you, please do me a favour, don’t allow me to buy the Dark and Lovely Hair Relaxer which I intend to buy.

After that I walked into the supermarket to do my shopping. Thereafter, I got to the counter to pick up the relaxer. There and then, I had one of the most frightening and strangest experience of my life. As I stretched my hand to pick the Dark and Lovely Hair Relaxer kit, I felt a strong arm held my hand tightly and pulled it down to drop the Relaxer. I felt that this is completely weird and very strange. I summoned courage to pick up the Relaxer again , still a very strong arm held my hand and pulled it down just as it did the first time. I recalled what I told the Lord earlier on, that if softening my hair displeased him, he shouldn’t allow me to purchase the Relaxer. I just stood there staring at the Relaxer and pondering over what has just happened. It was my husband’s voice that jolted me back to reality. Since that very moment till date, I haven’t touched my hair with relaxer.

After I dropped weave on, I started plaiting my hair with nylon thread. This continued for some time, until the Holy Spirit begins to convicts me to stop plaiting my hairs with thread or wool. It wasn’t like the first encounter when I heard the audable voice of the Lord. This time around , it came as an inner witness , a still small voice urging me and bearing witness in my spirit to stop plaiting my hair with wool or thread. I began to have the conviction that thread and wool are nothing, but attachments just as weave on , wigs and hair extensions. The leading was so strong that I stopped plaiting my hair.

It was much later that I was confronted with the issue of braiding and plaiting of hair. At that time the Lord by his infinite mercy, has called me to the Ministry to work for him full time. The Lord instructed me to teach the women the way of holiness and Godly dressing in our Ministry. As I continued in this routine, some of the women wanted to know what to with their hair, should they plait it with thread or weave the hair without attachments. As for me, I have cut my hair to a level where I can easily comb it with ease. Not shoven, please. Although the Lord has spoken to me to stop plaiting my hair, I haven’t told the women in our ministry how the Lord led me in this regard. I only told them about weave on , wigs, perming , hair blowing and all the other stuffs. I haven’t come out boldly to say how the Lord led me to abandoned the plaiting of my own hair.

My timidity and outright cowardace was borne out of sentiment and my respect for members of the Deeper Life Bible Church. I saw them as example of how Godly women should adorned themselves. And sincerely speaking, I haven’t seen any other denomination except in recent times, who are more adamant in the area of godly dressing as our Deeper Life sisters ( It’s sad to see that this is not really the case these days). And their women use thread to plait their hair. I was reluctant to tell our ministry women not to use thread to plait their hairs. I knew the Lord has forbidden me from using thread, no doubt about that. It was a case of conflict of interest.

It was at this stage, that I started telling the women that the Lord has told me not to plait my hair with thread. As soon as I did that, the Lord began to teach me more
that weave on, wigs, thread, including rubber thread, wool are all attachments and foreign objects. Be it thread , wool, wigs or weave on the Lord insisted that none of his daughters should use them to fix their hair. He said that they are all unnatural materials, strange objects to the human body. No woman was born with weave on, on her head, no woman was born with wig or rubber thread or cotton or nylon thread or wool on her head. They are all attachments.

The Lord made it very clear that thread is not a badge of holiness. Any Christian woman who is using rubber thread, nylon or cotton thread to plait her hair is not different from the one who is using weave on, wigs, wool and other types of attachments. The Lord did not create any woman with thread on her hair. No woman has ever given birth to a baby girl with rubber thread , cotton thread, nylon thread, or wool or weave on growing on her head. The Lord said that he did not permit any woman to plait her hair. This has nothing to do with the argument that thread connotes simplicity, whereas weave on, wigs , perming and Jerry curling are exhibition of worldliness and pride. Both weave on, wigs , hair extensions , perming and Jerry curling and the likes are all example of worldliness. They are all artificial. It’s not natural for humans to grow thread on their head. The Lord continued to state that he didn’t create humans with thread on their head. Thread is a product invented by man for the purposes of sewing. The Lord said that thread is not in anyway better than the other attachments. The Lord by his grace began to teach us these things. He even gave us a short revelation of women falling into the inferno of hell fire. Some of the women falling into the fire were putting on wigs, some fixed weave on, some braided their hair, some painted their lips, some polished their nails, some wore trousers, bum shorts, mini and micro mini skirts, Jewelries, eye lashes, high heels shoes, others weaved their hair with or without attachments. The Lord also revealed women who plaited their hairs with cotton, nylon or rubber thread falling into hell. There were all falling into hell , it was horrific.

I became very troubled about what the Lord has shown me. What about those dear sisters who plait their hairs , does it mean they all going to end up in hell fire ? The Lord Jesus Christ said yes. He said all the women who plaited their hair and died in that sinful state are in hell fire. He said none of them is in heaven.

My heart went to my Deeper Life Bible Church sisters, and other churches whose women has also copied this hair style as a model , what about them, Lord ? Especially, these dear Deeper Life sisters who have distinguished themselves with this kind of hairstyle, What is their fate ?

The Lord Jesus Christ said; ” It was their G.S wife the late Abiodun Kumuyi who decievedd them.” The Lord continued; ” My daughter Abiodun prayed to me about this matter, I told her the truth about thread. That thread is also an attachment which is as bad as weave on and any other types of artificial things that women attached to their hair. The Lord said he told her that thread; just like weave on and other types of artificial things, is equally unnatural. The Lord Jesus Christ explained further that after telling Mrs Abiodun Kumuyi how he really viewed thread, she began to raised this issue regularly before him asking him why. She wasn’t willing to come out to tell the Church women what he told her. She didn’t want to say the Lord said we can’t plait our hair with thread. Then the LordJesus Christ revealed that it was at this point, that satan came to her, telling her that it’s okay. That she should go ahead and tell the women that thread is just for packaging the hair. That thread is not worldly, it’s simple and not expensive or elaborate. Simple styles of hair are okay. The Lord said she happily accepted this satanic voice as the voice of the Lord and began to teach the women that they can use the thread to plait simple hairstyle. The Lord said daughter, contrary to what many believe, Mrs Abiodun Kumuyi is not in my kingdom, she is in hell fire. Her torments is much because of her acts of disobedience and the people she deceived. The Lord Jesus Christ went on to say that many of my daughters who really wants to serve me and make it to heaven went to hell fire because of Abiodun Kumuyi. The Lord then stated that these women are accussing her in hell as the one responsible for their predicaments.

Moreover, the Lord told me that the late Mrs Abiodun Kumuyi , was afraid that if she tell the Church about what the Lord revealed to her about thread , Deeper Life Church will be empty. She forgot that it was the Lord Jesus Christ who called her husband to the Ministry and he is capable of holding the Church together. The Lord explained that this is how plaiting of hair with thread become a badge of holiness among holiness women starting with Deeper Life women. And now it has spread to many conservative holiness Churches.

I was dumbfounded after the Lord explained this to me. I remember that after the death of this sister, I read a book written by one Ubani Kingsley
titled ; ” Agony of Tears” . He stated in that book that the Lord Jesus Christ showed him in a divine revelation that Mrs Abiodun Kumuyi is in hell fire for disobeying the Lord. He narrated how the Lord took him to hell in a divine revelation and showed him the the GS wife burning in hell. He even stated that the Lord Jesus Christ allowed him to interviewed Mrs Abiodun Kumuyi. Who told him to warned Deeper Life women and tell them to stop plaiting their hair with thread. He said he saw many Deeper Life women seriously fighting this woman in hell, accusing her of bringing them to that horrible place. I was very upset that day. So upset that I squeezed the book and threw it across my bedroom where I sat reading. I was indignant against brother Ubani Kingsley, I said something like, ; who is this Kingsley Ubani? Wonders shall never end, how can anyone say Pastor Kumuyi,s wife went to hell ? All this their Divine Revelations is becoming something else. What kind of no sense is this? From that day I stopped reading Ubani Kingsley,s books. I even told some close associates that I doubt that Ubani Kingsley revelations are from the Lord. How can he say the Lord told him Abiodun Kumuyi is in hell ?

Years later the Lord has given me a similar revelation.
So I asked the Lord, so it’s true you gave those revelations about the GS wife to Ubani Kingsley. The Lord said yes that he is the one who showed Kingsley Abiodun Kumuyi in hell as he stated in his book.

I was able to traced Ubani Kingsley last year. I met with him and confessed to him how I doubted his revelation concerning Mrs Abiodun Kumuyi. I told him that the Lord has given me a similar revelation. We discussed for a considerable amount of time.

The next step I took, was to warned my Deeper Life friends. I told them the revelation and the Lord,s instructions that women should abstain from plaiting their hair with thread, that this thing is as bad as weave on, wigs and other forms of attachments. After that I kept everything to myself. As a matter of principle, I don’t run around shouting every revelations the Lord has by his grace showed to me. I only post whenever he asked me to post. And frankly, this is not something I take pleasure in talking about. That was last year.

For sometime now, those of you who are following our endtimes messenges on Facebook and WhatsApp know very well that the Lord is giving us messages on areas bordering on the coronavirus vaccine, the rfid microchip and the great tribulation. However, overtime, I have had many of our sisters asking me privately about issues of Christian adornment, dressing and grooming, care of the hair and so on. I have tried to answer some of them. But due to my tight schedule, I realized that I am failing to meet up in this regard. I felt that it would be better if the Lord will give us a message that covers these issues. I told our prayer warriors about this and every one began to pray. The Lord Jesus Christ began to reveal many things to us. Indeed the series of Divine Revelations are an eye opener. So the Lord said I should start posting them.

On Sunday morning, while taking my bath, the Lord began to speak to me that it’s time I tell his daughters that plaiting their hair with thread is not natural. The Lord said that I should tell his daughters that thread will take them to hell fire, just as it took Mrs Abiodun Kumuyi to hell. The Lord said, daughter tell them what I told you about Mrs Abiodun Kumuyi. Daughter I am no respecter of persons. The Lord said he wants everyone using thread, wool, wig, weave on, hair extensions or any form of attachments to repent. The Lord said , daughter fear not, tell them the truth.

I told our Prayer Warriors later on, I told them what the Lord spoke to me. Two brothers started praying for confirmation and stated that the Lord told them the same thing. Tell my daughter to talk about Pastor Kumuyi,s wife, I am no respecter of person. The divine injunction forbidding the plaiting of hair did not differentiate between simple hairstyles and expensive or elaborate worldly hairstyles. Those are men,s inventions.The command is not to plait hair, period. Any arguments to the contrary cannot stand, if stand, at best, it must fall. Don’t plait hair, that’s the watchword.

“Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel;”
— 1 Peter 3:3 (KJV)

I plead with you all, my beloved and dear sisters, please stopped plaiting your hair with wool, rubber, cotton or nylon thread or thread of other fibre. I was also a victim of the hair plaiting trend as something befitting of a godly woman. We are co travellers in this journey, our utmost desire is to end this voyage on the golden city which our Lord Jesus Christ in his infinite mercy and everlasting love has prepared for us.

Stay tuned as I will be posting the main Divine Revelations. So far what you have read is just a prelude to what is coming. Pray earnestly, pray sincerely about these things. One interesting thing the Lord told me is that he gave the Church Matt.7:7

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

Sadly, the Lord said that his children hardly spend time in prayer to truly seek his face. Or tarry at his feet to hear from him.

More is coming, once again stay tuned.

Please share to everyone . You are are very free to share all the messages posted here. So that others will know.

I pray with all my heart that our sisters will heed this advice and do away with all artificial materials including thread.

God bless you all.


Sister Happiness Aibangbee.

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