Prophecy: THE COMING 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS (Received 13/12/2020; Shared on FB on .30/04/2021) – SPACE ROCKS & FIRE BALLS From The Sky, YAHUVEH’S VOICE will be heard as THUNDER ⛈ everywhere then GREAT EARTHQUAKE will be felt worldwide 🌐 at the start!


YAH (GOD) can not stop speaking/WARNING concerning this matter (THE COMING 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS). Here is a further update on this:

The following message was received on 13th December 2020 morning 🌄 was copied from this link:

The handiwork of God’s hands is about to be manifested
This was a difficult message to bring forth. It has very serious ramificaitons if tested and found to be true. In a matter of days (I don’t know how many) the earth is going to be hit with meteors, fireballs, and a great earthquake. Shortly after the earthquake there will be the days of darkness (I don’t know how many, He said days). We are to stay indoors during this time praying and singing His praises. The Lord shall send angels to His people with intructions on how to proceed once light is restored to the earth. Some people will be transformed at this time others will not. For those left behind, repent, get your lives in alignment and harmony with the Lord and whatever you do, don’t take the mark of the beast….avoid taking it at all costs.
Original Video is Here

The YouTube one (FYI):