Identity of “ELIJAH” spoken of in Malachi 4:5-6, What is it???



We always sing this song however do we ever stop to ask ourselves who “ELIJAH” is exactly and whether they have commenced their END TIME ROLE? Time is not on our side on earth in the SPIRITUAL SENSE.

Surely “ELIJAH” must have come onto the scene and started playing THEIR VITAL END TIME ROLE.

The Orthodox Jews are waiting for this “ELIJAH” but sadly most if not all have not received the person yet. Most believers in and followers of YAHUSHUA around the world do not know that “ELIJAH” is here plus their identity.

Those who are the TRUE BRIDES & GUESTS OF YAHUSHUA (also SHEEP & LAMBS) will receive and support the person’s role till the end of time…

YAH has revealed the person’s IDENTITY and they are CRYING OUT ON SPIRITUAL MOUNT CARMEL… Are you ready to join them to do YAH’S work before time completely runs out for mankind on earth?

Click here for more information.

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