Prayer of Deliverance from the “Spirit of (Untimely) Death” based on John 11:25-27 in relation to the Feast of FIRSTFRUITS….


…..come into the world…..Click on the image for more information….

This is a day when YAHUSHUA can restore every dead thing in your life including:

  • your marriage
  • your business,
  • your finances,
  • your physical and spiritual body,
  • your physical and spiritual mind/mental health
  • your spiritual Walk of Faith in YAHUSHUA,
  • your Ministry
  • your friendships, etc

Note that

If your spirit is withered and or dead, you can not produce Good Spiritual Fruit to present unto YAH Almighty!

The Year 2018 is a very challenging and dangerous year, spiritually. We really need YAH’S Mercy, Grace and Intervention. Listening to the news daily can create a lot of worry and panic.
It is rumoured that there will be a World War in this year 2018 which will most likely commence this Abib (a.k.a Aviv)/Spring. It is said that the best times to go into war is Spring time (not winter or summer as it is hard for the soldiers to cope in those weather conditions). President Donald Trump is doing everything possible to avoid going into war and this is there are various ongoing spiritual and physical battles over his life (including his marriage), family and Presidency. Satan is looking for every way possible to impeach or kill him. We need to ceaselessly pray for his protection and that of his family because YAH and we mankind need him to stay in that office until YAH’S Appointed time for him comes to an end.
The Spirit of Death particularly untimely death is hovering around seeking whom to devour (1 Peter 5:8; John 10:10). May YAH preserve your life and that of your loved ones in these perilous times in YAHUSHUA’S name, AMEN! Click here to read IMMAYAH’S LULLABY.

via Crucial PRAYER Against The “SPIRIT OF (untimely) DEATH” (2018 & beyond)

Video: Gospel Songs 2 – Amightywind Ministry Worship to YAHUVEH FATHER GOD & YAHUSHUA/JESUS

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