Your PRAYERS are Required plus Stern Warning to Parents Concerning The CHILDREN & YOUTHS based on the on-going evil wind in the U.K…..


The following have passed on as a result of knife-crime in the U.K. Their lives were cut short.


It’s KNIFE-CRIME in the U.K and GUN-CRIME in the U.S.A.


Stabbings in London 2018 – from Walthamstow and Herne Hill to Tower Hamlets and Mile End? Knife crime statistics in the UK

Dozens of people have been fatally stabbed in the capital in the first quarter of 2018 – making London deadlier than New York

Updated: 7th April 2018,

STABBINGS are on the rise as new figures show a surge in violent crime across the UK.

But how many took place in London and how much have they increased by? We take a look at the harrowing statistics.

Knife crime in Britain is on the rise

…..The story continues. Click on the link in the title for more information….

Dearest Parents and Carers across the UK and Europe as well as the rest of the world,

This is a stern warning, please be careful and watchful of your children and their friends…

There is a latest trend seriously circulating among the teenagers and youths of this terrible situation involving guns and knives killings is a new game known as SCORES!..

This is a youtube video link that every parent needs to watch and pass it round to all your contacts.

Enough of black and ethnic minorities killings of our children in all communities across the UK and Europe…

Video: Kids Are Stabbing Over New Game…Called SCORES….With Chris Preddie OBE

Your Prayers are required for the United Kingdom…

We come against knife crimes and gun crimes among the youths in YAHUSHUA’S name, AMEN!

We need to befriend our children and draw them closer. Yes, we need to pay bills, etc, however, we ought to work less shifts just so we don’t lose our inheritence (a.k.a our children)!

What will become of the future generations if we don’t combat the evil wind now?

Satan is really going after our children and youths in these ends in all sorts of ways… He is trying to catch them young and in fact succeeding with some. Let not your children be among the number!!! Beware!

Click on the following links to read YAH’S Holy prophecies concerning children and youth as well as teachings on children and young people:

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