Eliyahu Ha Navi and The Number “4” (a.k.a “444”): Biblical/Spiritual Significance

via The Number “4” (a.k.a “444”): Biblical/Spiritual Significance in Relation to “Eliyahu Ha Navi (a.k.a Elijah The Prophet)” in 2018



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Today is Monday 9th April 2018. I wrote the above titled message regarding Eliyahu’s Birthday a few days ago, soon after Prophet Eliyahu’s/Elijah’s Birthday in fact. I have just realised now/today that the enemy has his own interpretation of “444” and in fact the elite (illuminati) have posted all kinds of images of “444” all over the internet trying to pass their own message about it! I believe that they did this a long while back!
Note that their own message is the opposite of YAHUVEH ELOHIM’S. I don’t want to go into that as I feel it is of no benefit! I don’t want to glorify the devil.

Jeremiah 29:11 says that YAHUVEH ELOHIM has plans for you which will bring hope and prosperity, so why worry about what Satan has to say?
Additionally, a CD was released by Jay-Z with the name “444”!

Remember that Satan always counterfeits what YAHUVEH ELOHIM creates!!!

The solution is to reject whatever Satan has to say (John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:7-8) and lift high YAHUVEH’S, YAHUSHUA’S and SHKINYINYAH GLORY’S NAME!!!

Only continually proclaim what YAHUVEH HAS TO say about you and to you!!!

Remember that Satan always counterfeits what YAHUVEH ELOHIM creates!!!

It is also interesting to learn that it was around the time 04/04/2018 that the Pope started proposing to make changes the “Holy Bible”. Click here for more information.


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