On The 6th of SIVAN (SHAVUOT), The “RAINBOW” was displayed by YAH as “COVENANT SIGN” to Noah & his descendants….

via 6th of Sivan (SHAVUOT): “RAINBOW” displayed as “COVENANT SIGN” to Noah and his descendants…

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This is a season to key in…to the season!

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6th Sivan: YAH’S Feast of SHAVUOT/WEEKS/PENTECOST: I thought that I should point out something interesting that happened in History on SHAVUOT/WEEKS/PENTECOST day way before Acts 2 happened. YAHUVEH GOD created layers and layers of history within HIS calendar.

Noah had come out of the Ark some days before and made a sin sacrifice unto YAHUVEH GOD. YAHUVEH GOD responded to him by making a COVENANT with him.
The RAINBOW appeared in the sky for the first time as the SIGN OF THE COVENANT that YAHUVEH GOD had made with him and his descendants.
PENTECOST DAY and the rest of this month is a COVENANT Period with YAHUVEH GOD!

Today, outside of Israel, we celebrate SHAVUOT for 2 days.

Additionally, YAH Almighty sent out an instruction in 2016 on SHAVUOT to celebrate the Feast for 7 days because of what HE has done in HIS Elijah of New Ministry (Amightywind Ministry). Go to our website for more information.
Key in…to the season!

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