Here are “YAHUVEH I AM’S” Loving Words to You America! Happy Independence Day to U.S.A (Wednesday 4th July 2018, Thursday 4th July 2019)!!!


I AM” (Exodus 3) is your Only True Friend!

I AM” (Exodus 3) is your Only Creator!

Israel and the United States of America are sisters before YAHUVEH “I AM.”

Additionally, YAHUVEH “I AM” blessed them immensely beyond measure over all the nations of the world.

On this very special day in the U.S.A, I am sharing “YAH’S Amightywind Ministry Prophecy 49: AMERICA, YOU ARE SHEEP READY FOR SLAUGHTER!”
In this Prophecy, YAHUVEH GOD says so many loving words as well as words of rebuke to HIS Beloved America.

In it ABBA YAHUVEH (YAHWEH) also makes reference to America’s Independence!

America is reminded to return to YAHUVEH “I AM,” their only GOD and be faithful unto HIM.

Additionally, the Only True GOD whose name as revealed to Moses as recorded in Exodus 3 and repeatedly said in the Prophecy is “I AM,” is America’s only Saviour particularly in these perilous end times!
WWIII is mentioned here as the event will mark the beginning of the end of America.

REPENT now before it’s too late! Your repentance won’t revert YAH’S set judgement but it can save your life! It can also save you from going to hell the lake of fire. Do it with the right motive!

Did you know that the initials U.S.A were given to America by “I AM?”

There was an implication and purpose for that!

YAHUVEH “I AM” reveals in this Prophecy the original meaning of the initials for the name of the country in Heaven’s records is:

“US” – referring to “YAHUVEH (“I AM”) and YAHUSHUA”

“A” – implying “ALmighty”

The initials therefore originally stood for:


For once America served the ALmighty Living YAH/ELOHIM (GOD), “I AM” and YAHUSHUA.

It was “I AM’S” Grace, Love, Mercy and Wisdom that HE gave to the U.S.A’s political and spiritual leaders.
Sadly, now the spirits of divination/sorcery/witchcraft/wizardry as well as other evil spirits have taken over the Whitehouse.

  • Pray for your leaders around the world that YAHUVEH I AM may take over every decision discussed and made!


  • Let YAHUVEH I AM intervene for the prayers of a righteous man availeth much!

America, President Donald Trump has been appointed for you as your leader for such a time as this.

He is not perfect, just like all other human beings are but he has been chosen, appointed and ordained by YAHUVEH I AM!

Thank YAH for him and cover him and his family more in your prayers.

Now, here are the Holy Prophetic words:

You can also click here to read if you prefer.

Video: Amightywind Prophecy 49 – AMERICA, You Are Sheep Ready for Slaughter!


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