Shabbat “NOACH” / “NOAH” (sun-down Friday 12th to sun-down Saturday 13th October 2018)… SHABBAT SHALOM!

via “NOACH” / “NOAH”

A flood destroys all living creatures, aside from Noah, his family and the animals in their ark.

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In this TORAH portion, YAH (a.k.a ELOHIM) punishes the wicked in the world by causing a giant flood. YAH saves Noach and his family, who then repopulated the world. We are also introduced to Abram and his wife, Sarai.

The weekly Haftarah/Haftorah is often a single-minded metaphor for the week’s TORAH portion. Yet in Haftarat Noach, Yeshayahu/Isaiah employs metaphors of his own on several layers. He speaks of the exiled nation of Israel as a woman unable to have children, stranded in despair, but about to be redeemed.

Sing, o barren woman!” he proclaims (Isaiah 54:1), before instructing her to prepare her house for children, letting her know that she soon will no longer be barren. “Enlarge the space of your tent….lengthen the cords and strengthen your pegs, for southward and northward you shall spread out mightily; your children shall dispossess nations.”

Yeshayahu is not talking about a literally barren woman. He’s prophesying to the exiled nation of Israel, telling them to be ready because their redemption from the Babylonian Exile will be imminent. He may also be addressing the land of Israel itself, saying, “Get ready, because we are coming back.

In verse 9, Yeshayahu makes the parallel to the story of Noah explicit. “As I have promised never again to pass the days of Noach over the Earth, so have I promised not to be wrathful with you or rebuke you, ,” HE says. On paper (or on parchment), there’s an additional pun in Yeshayahu’s words–the Hebrew phrase “like the waters of Noach,” or ki’may Noah, can also be read, ki’yemei Noah, as in “the times of Noach.”

The Brit Chadashah compares the days of Noach to that of Lot as well as to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Second Coming!

In this TORAH Parashah/Parashat, we are reminded to get ourselves ready as YAHUSHUA’S Bride and Guests – To be Holy as YAH is Holy! Ensure you have enough oil in your lamp plus some extra (Matthew 25), etc.



Is This world “MILLIONS of Years Old” OR “THOUSANDS of Years Old”, Which one?






The LORD YAHUVEH’S Day/Judgement Day to come (Noach/Noah)

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As In The Days of Noach/Noah and As In The Days of Lot, so will the Coming of SON OF YAH (a.k.a ELOHIM) Almighty be!

(To be published)

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