Shabbat “LECH LECHA” / “GO OUT or FORTH” is here… (sun-down Friday 19th to sun-down Saturday 20th October 2018)

via “LECH LECHA or LEKH L’KHA/Get Yourself Out or Go Forth”


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Click on the above link for more information on the Parashah/Parashat.


In this TORAH portion, YAH (or ELOHIM) makes a covenant with Avram/Abram promising to make his descendants a great nation.

YAH changes Abram’s name to Avraham/Abraham.

Abraham has a child with Hagar and names him Y’ishma’el/Ishmael (YAH listens).

YAH then promises Abraham’s barren wife, Sarah, that she will have a child – A Covenant Child.


Who was “Lot?” What about “Lot?” LESSONS FROM: “Lot”

(To be published soon…)


Who exactly was “MALKI-TZEDEK” (a.k.a MELCHIZEDEK?”

(To be published soon…)


The Connection between Beresheith/Genesis 13:8 and Philippians 2:14-16

(To be published soon…)









Video: Lecha Dodi – Maccabeats (lyrics in Hebrew/English)


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