Shabbat “VaYECHI/And He Lived” is here (sun-down Friday 21st to sun-down Saturday 22nd December 2018)…

via “VaYECHI/And He Lived”

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We are in the New Hebrew Month of Tevet (Information to be added soon). In this month, we have the shortest day of the year which is 21st December.

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Today’s Shabbat is special as it marks 12 weeks of Reading and Studying the First Part of the TORAH since the SHEMINI ATZERET & SIMCHAT TORAH Festival. This is us now concluding Ha Sefer Beresheith (or Beresheet)/The Book of Genesis.

Our Patriarch, Ya’akov/Jacob a.k.a Y’Isra’EL/Israel has passed on as recorded in last week’s parasha and now his son, YAHusef/Joseph has also passed on.

Note that the Book of Jasher/Upright Man throws more light on what happened between the time Ya’akov’s passing and Moshe’s/Moses’ arrival into the world. A lot happened. Information is given on each of Ya’akov’s children’s passing which is very good to know. I was extremely sad when I got to the part that said that YAHudah/Judah and Naftali/Naphtali passed on as they were backbones when it came to war amongst the Children of Israel. They were specially anointed in unique ways.

Please forgive us for not uploading teachings, reminders and encouragements in time.


Last week’s TORAH Parasha/Portion (Sunday 8th to Saturday 15th December 2018) for anyone interested:

“VaYIGASH/And He Drew Near”




Useful Information:

Jacob’s/Israel’s & Moses’ BLESSINGS/PROPHECIES over the Children of Israel



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