SHABBAT “YITRO/Jethro a.k.a Reul” (sun-down Friday 25th to sun-down Saturday 26th January 2019)…!

via “YITRO/Jethro”


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It’s Shabbat “YITRO/Jethro a.k.a Reul” (sun-down Friday 24th to sun-down Saturday 25th January 2019)!
On this Shabbat, we study:

  • Moshe Ha Navi’s/Prophet Moses ‘ Father-in-law

  • Government and Politics

  • Weddings & Marriage

  • Covenants & Covenant Relationships, etc



This is the Shabbat of The TEN COMMANDMENTS which is one of YAH’S Seals upon mankind who are truly born again in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and baptised by Immersion in water as well as by RUACH HA KODESH!


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To be published:

Keeping Your Garments Clean & Presentable before YAH Almighty (Exodus 19)




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