It’s Shabbat BEHA’ALOTCHA/WHEN/WHEN YOU STEP UP (sun-down Friday 12/06/2020 to sun-down Saturday 13/06/2020)! SHABBAT SHALOM!

via “BEHA’ALOTCHA”/”When You Set Up”



THIS WEEK’S TORAH Portion (Sunday 07/06/2020 to Saturday 13/06/2020):

*BEHA’ALOTCHA/When You Step Up*

*TORAH : Numbers 8:1-12:15*

*PROPHETS : Zechariah 2:14-4:7*

*GOSPEL : Matthew 14:14-21*

Behaalotecha, Beha’alotecha, Beha’alothekha, or Behaaloscha (בְּהַעֲלֹתְךָ — Hebrew for “when you step up,” the 11th word, and the first distinctive word, in the parashah) is the 36th weekly Torah portion ( פָּרָשָׁה, parashah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and the third in the Book of Numbers.


The main messages seen in this week’s TORAH Portion is:

👍 *Priesthood – check yourself and let YAH sanctify plus restore you.*

👍YAH’S Temple – Let YAH into your life fully plus restore all that needs restoration in your life;

👍 *The Lampstand – The Salt and Light of the world; We need the Seven Spirits of YAH Almighty – Revelation 5:6; Zechariah 3:9; Isaiah 11:2; Revelation 3:1; Revelation 4:5.*

👍YAH making impossibilities possible (Numbers 11:23; Numbers 11:31-35; Zechariah 3; Zechariah 4:6-7; Matthew 14)

👍 *YAH expects a lot more from us when we are age 25 to 50 in terms of our service to HIM in the vineyard than at any other time. That’s mankind’s prime time. After that, one is an elder in the affairs of YAH Almighty.*

👍 Sounding the Shofar horn (a.k.a Trumpet) – Numbers 10 – *ABBA YAHUVEH says in verse 10 that the sounding of the shofar will always remind HIM of HIS Covenant with us for HE is the LORD YAHUVEH our ELOHIM (GOD)!* We find this interesting….
Are you in Covenant Relationship with YAH Almighty? (Exodus 19 – 20; John 3:16; Joshua 24:15-16) Are fulfilling your end of your Covenant with YAH Almighty – being obedient like Abraham, etc?

👍 *Constant Praise to & Worship unto YAH Almighty is crucial. The tribe of Judah/YAHUdah always went ahead of the rest of the tribes. They marched.* Always start off your prayer time; your day with Praise and Worship of YAH Almighty (Psalm 100).

👍 Numbers 10:35-36 – *Remember that we who have accepted YAH’S Salvation are now YAH’S Ark of the Covenant since Pentecost* (Acts 2:1-4; 1 Corinthians 6:19; Galatians 5:22-23)

👉 Complaining is something that YAH Almighty really does detest. HE prefers that people present things in a better way (see Numbers 11:1-3).

👉 *Remeniscing about life back in the days of bondage is dangerous as it makes one not to appreciate the good that YAH Almighty has done (see Numbers 11:4-6).*
The foreign people/Egyptians who had followed the Children of Israel misled them into sinning against YAH Almighty. Note that it was not the birth home of the Israelites. It was a temporary dwelling place and place of bondage.
On the other hand, it was home for the foreigners amongst the Children of Israel.
Moses also ended up complaining to YAH as a result.

*The Israelites should have guarded their hearts and minds against reminiscing about the good in Egypt plus Complaining about the manner!!!*

👉 According to Numbers 11:20, the provision of meat for the Israelites came as a curse because of the way in which they demanded for it. They approached YAH in a wrong manner- with an ungrateful heart.

👉 Moses doubted YAH’S ability to provide despite the past deeds (see Numbers 11:21-23). This was surprising. *He was pushed around so much by the people that he led that he started to make similar mistakes to them sadly. We need to take note of this and beware!*

👍 Numbers 11:25-27 – It’s lovely RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) at work in the Old Covenant/Testament. HalleluYAH 👐

👍Humility is crucial as a Child of YAH Almighty (see Numbers 12:3
Due to welcoming pride into the heart and not repenting during the Grace period, the President of Burundi (Pierre Nkurusiza) this week lost his life untimely (Monday 08/06/2020) –

👉Numbers 12 – Sadly, the enemies of mankind are the members of his household (Matthew 10:36). This is a seed that Ha Satan sowed into families through Cain’s actions as per Genesis 4.

*It’s so sad that suddenly Miriam and Aaron allowed Satan to sow jealousy into their hearts which led them to sin against YAH Almighty and their brother plus Spiritual & Anointed Leader, Moses.*
Thank YAH Almighty for Moses’ humility.
All they had to do was go into prayer to YAH. give thanks to HIM for the way in which HE used them before then ask HIM to anoint them to do more great works! YAH could have granted their request in an amazing way.

Aaron pleaded with the LORD YAHUVEH (YAHWEH) on his behalf as well as Miriam’s behalf. HalleluYAH, the LORD YAHUVEH Almighty expressed HIS Mercy.

So, a lot to meditate upon and pray about👆.

Just as YAH Almighty expressed HIS Mercy upon Miriam and Aaron, HE also expressed HIS Mercy to Yahushua (a.k.a Jeshua/Joshua) the High Priest of Zechariah 3. HE also expressed HIS Mercy to the people HE fed as peers Matthew 14.
HalleluYAH👐 HalleluYAH👐 HalleluYAH👐

*See Psalm 103; Isaiah 1:18*






HOLY PROPHETIC WORD: Piece of Advice (written o  Saturday 13/06/2020

🙏Dearly Beloved Brethren, *please be very prayerful if you do choose to go out and protest in U.K (London particularly). We don’t encourage it however we encourage those who wish to do so to be very prayerful and in the RUACH/SPIRIT.*
YAH has revealed something we’ll share soon on our website and possibly YouTube channel soon. Something evil is in the pipeline (deadly…).
Also, they don’t plan to genuinely grant freedom to the BLMs. True and Genuine freedom can only come from YAH Almighty!

🙏🙏*Additionally, do not go to work with or for the Police and Army. Another Holy Prophetic WORD has come forth and it says that in these perilous end days, beware where you take employment! It’s for your safety. If you work there, you’ll be forced to do unGODLY stuff that can turn you to a reprobate or a Zombie and eventually lead you to hell the lake of fire, such as taking the vaccine. Will share this soon as well.*

🙏🙏🙏*Further on, those of you in U.S.A, Nigeria and South Africa in particular, pray hard that your Christian freedoms of worship do not be taken away.* Pray against mandatory islamisation of your nations. Start now…

Also start stocking up Bibles (unaltered ones) for use and distribution in the future during rough times as the Bibles will slowly begin to disappear…


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