SHABBAT TERUMAH/Lifted Apart or Heave Offering SHALOM (sun-down Friday 19th to sun-down Saturday 20th February 2021)

Shabbat is a day to spend much more quality time with YAH ALMIGHTY than on the other days of the week, HalleluYAH for Shabbat is the Set Apart Day of YAH ALMIGHTY! YAH’S Shabvat weekly falls on Saturdays. It is not a day to go about business as usual because it is set apart by YAH ALMIGHTY.

On Sabbath, you can also take time to rest as much as possible. Many Sabbath-keeping Churches in USA spend the day resting at home then meet with others for fellowship in the late afternoon or evening.


*The SHEMA Is Not Just A Prayer, It is also A Very IMPORTANT DECLARATION that WE ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE TWICE DAILY* so as to remind ourselves of why we live and to serve the Only One and True GOD, YAH (YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and SHEKINYAH GLORY):

👉 *Morning (as soon as you wake up)*
👉 *Evening (Bedtime)*

Have a Very Peaceful Sabbath!

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