Day 4, Final Day of The ESTHER FAST (TA’ANIT ESTHER)…sun-down Wednesday 25th to sun-down Thursday 26th February 2021…

Today is the 13th Day of the Hebrew Month called Adar.
A lot of spells will be cast and evil enchantments made by Satan’s bride and guests worldwide against the Bride of YAHUSHUA (JESUS)!

👉👉👉At sun-down Today, we start to celebrate the Festival of Purim (Lots). We will have Holy Communion (wine first then bread second as per the Hebrew culture).🍷🍞 This is what YAHUSHUA (JESUS) did while on earth. The best way to understand this is to study about and partake in a Passover Seder (a special Passover Holy Communion Meal).

We will have a special meal and then spend the night re-reading and discussing the Book of Esther. If you wish to have a zoom meeting to discuss the Book of Esther, kindly indicate by emailing us on:

We will have another Holy Communion Session tomorrow after which we have the Purim Seder.

I urge you to reach out to those in need and bless them with food, money, clothing, etc as RUACH HA KODESH a.k.a SHEKINYAH GLORY (HOLY SPIRIT) lays in your heart. Be a blessing to others around you nd may YAH ALMIGHTY bless you abundantly as you so do, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name Amen!

Have a blessed final day of the Esther Fast for this year, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’, not Yeshua!!!), in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Name, Amen!

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