Nisan 16 (sun-set Monday 29th to sun-set Tuesday 30th March 2021) BIBLICAL HISTORY & TEACHING; Prepare For The Coming 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS!


We are still observing THE FESTIVAL OF UNLEAVENED BREAD. Today is Day 3, HalleluYAH! 5 more days to go.

Tonight, on Nisan 17, we commemorate YAHUSHUA’S Resurrection, etc… More information to be shared…

We carry on with THE COUNTING OF THE OMER all the way to SHAVU’OT (Weeks) PENTECOST!

A number of events occurred on Nisan 16. My wife and I are only sharing the highlights.

Notice that THE COMING 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS occur during THE FESTIVAL OF UNLEAVENED BREAD & COUNTING OF THE OMER SEASONS. These are seasons of deeper Consecration unto YAH ALMIGHTY than usual. It certainly makes sense for The 3 Days of Darkness to occur then also as it is all about REPENTANCE and REFINEMENT!

Many Children of Israel (more particularly YAH’S Holy Prophets) fasted throughout this season (Month of Nisan/Aviv all the way to Month of Sivan 6 when SHAVU’OT PENTECOST starts.

Click on the following links for more useful information on THE COMING 3 DAYS OFDARKNESS:



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