It’s SHABBAT SH’MINI (SHEMINI)/ EIGHTH: Nisan 27 (sun-set Friday 9th to sun-set Saturday 10th April 2021…



Will share more on this in the future…

Are we to avoid eating it forever or for just this purpose?

Forever more. *When CREATION was taking place as per Genesis 1, CLEAN FOODS were separated from UNCLEAN FOODS!*

So, if is an ETERNAL MITZVAH (COMMANDMENT)! *Obeying it adds points for us in the Spiritual Realm because it is an ACT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!* This is what is depicted in the Hebrew language from the word, MITZVAH (Commandment)!

Here is the SHABBAT SH’MINI TEACHING. It has been uploaded onto our website for your reference:

Audios may be uploaded at a later date. Please bear with us.🙏
The link is here to what was shared yesterday 👆.

I recommend this one more with regarding to Clean and Unclean foods.

There is another one. I suggest you click on this one after you have read what was shared yesterday (Saturday 10th April 2021).


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