Luke 13:6-9 A Good One To Study During This OMER COUNTING Season as It Is Very Much Related!


Click on the following link to read THE TEACHING:

Apologies for we are unable to do audios for this Teaching at this time.🙏

Also, note that various URGENT PROPHECIES have been shared this month on our website as pages (not blog posts or stories!). They are not all being shared as posts hence you may not always know when they are uploaded. I therefore encourage to be on the look out the Pages section. We are no longer able to organise pages accordingly as we lack the time. Additionally, this website will be no more sometime once the vaccine/jab becomes mandatory (towards end of year 2021)! Print what you can and save what you can ASAP before that.

Trying to get word out ASAP. Share with others also ASAP so that they are well informed. Also, buy THE AMIGHTYWIND MINISTRY BOOK: “SECRETS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH)” while you still can.

Video: SECRETS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH) Amightywind Ministry Book Promo (2019 video):

Things are really going to change for the worst in the coming months.


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