YAH’S Feasts/APPOINTED TIMES (Moedim) as opposed to Man-made a.k.a Mankind’s (Your) Feasts Plus YAH’S Old and New Covenants (Updated April & May 2021)


This is a blog post. For the site pages explaining these click on the following links:

Your Feasts/Festivals Vs YAH’S (GOD’S) Feasts/Festivals (May 2021)

YAH’S OLD and NEW COVENANTS: YAH’S (Prophetic) Calendar (Updated April 2021)

05/05 – YAH’S GRACE and TORAH (LAW): (1) Was The LAW Really Abolished by YAH (GOD)? (2) Did GRACE replace The LAW? Hmmmnn…🤨🤔 (5th May 2021)

YAH’S APPOINTED TIMES/FEASTS/FESTIVALS existed in the HEAVENS from the “Beginning of Time”


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