16/07/2021: HAPPY PREPARATION FOR SABBATH DAY (sun-set Thursday to sun-set Friday) Weekly…

SHALOM Brethren in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST; not Yeshua!), This Day of Preparation is of Very High Significance and Importance on YAH’S Calendar and KINGDOM! *Please don’t take it for granted.* More useful information to be shared about it sometime soon…

*SHABBAT DEVARIM (WORDS) Is Nearly Upon Us (sun-set Friday 16th to sun-set Saturday 17th July 2021)!* We have completed the Reading and Studying of the Book of Numbers for this Year’s TORAH Reading Cycle! *We are now moving on the Book of Deuteronomy.*

TRY TO FAST AND PRAY THIS WEEKEND! *Read and Study Deuteronomy 1:1 – 3:22, Isaiah 1:1-27 and Matthew 24:1-24 this SABBATH* then start to read Lamentations when the SABBATH ends! If you can do Marathon Fasting, well and good but if not, break as you are led by YAH THE HOLY GHOST/ SPIRIT! Be Blessed 🙏

It is always important to Prepare well for it always both Spirituallyand Physically!

Some useful links to pages that throw more light about YAH’S SABBATH are below:

Some Useful Links:

1. PREPARATION DAY (6th Day Weekly) and YAH’S SABBATH (SHABBAT: 7th Day Weekly)

2. Welcoming SHABBAT: Shabbat Seder

3. *More useful Info about Welcoming and Ending SHABBAT (SABBATH) with focus on HOLY COMMUNION (Salt & Water Significance)…*

4. What is YAH’S SABBATH All About?

5. YAHUVEH GOD’S True Sabbath…

6. “DEVARIM/Words”

7. GIVING To The CREATOR, YAH ALMIGHTY: TITHE (A Tenth/FirstFruits Offering), TERUMAH (HEAVE or Voluntary Offering), TZEDAKAH (Righteous Offering for The Widows, Poor and Needy) [July 2021]

8. WHAT TO DO ON YAH’S Weekly & Biblical Festival SABBATHS


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