It’s Preparation For YAH’S SABBATH DAY: SHABBAT “VA’ETCHANAN/AND I PLEADED” (sun-set Thursday 22nd to sun-set Friday 23rd July 2021)…

Shalom and HAPPY PREPARATION FOR YAH’S SHABBAT! Note that this day is related to Matthew 25:1-13 hence it is not to be taken for granted!

Here is the Teaching for Last Week’s SHABBAT: DEVARIM:

SHABBAT DEVARIM (Deuteronomy 1-3) Teaching (July 2021)

Here are some useful related links with further information:

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3. *More useful Info about Welcoming and Ending SHABBAT (SABBATH) with focus on HOLY COMMUNION (Salt & Water Significance)…*

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5. What is YAH’S SABBATH All About?

6. “VA’ETCHANAN/And I Pleaded”

7. GIVING To The CREATOR, YAH ALMIGHTY: TITHE (A Tenth/FirstFruits Offering), TERUMAH (HEAVE or Voluntary Offering), TZEDAKAH (Righteous Offering for The Widows, Poor and Needy) [July 2021]


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