06/08/2021: A HAPPY SABBATH PREPARATION To You All (sun-set Thursday 5th to sun-set Friday 6th August 2021)…


This DAY OF PREPARATION FOR YAH’S SABBATH is very much related to our Preparation for THE HOLY RAPTURE To The HEAVENS!

More Useful Information Can Be Found by clicking on the following links:

1. “RE’EH/See”

2. PREPARATION DAY (6th Day Weekly) and YAH’S SABBATH (SHABBAT: 7th Day Weekly)

3. YAHUVEH GOD’S True Sabbath…

4. *More useful Info about Welcoming and Ending SHABBAT (SABBATH) with focus on HOLY COMMUNION (Salt & Water Significance)…*

5. Welcoming SHABBAT: Shabbat Seder

6. WHAT TO DO ON YAH’S Weekly & Biblical Festival SABBATHS

7. April 2021: How To Welcome and End YAH’S SABBATH (SHABBAT): *SHABBAT is almost here… More useful Info about HOLY COMMUNION*


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