It’s SHABBAT or SABBA’OTH KEDOSHIM/HOLY ONES [IYAR 6: sun-set Friday 6th To sun-set Saturday 7th May 2022] – Leviticus 19-20… HOLINESS, SALVATION, SABBATH, EVANGELISM, TRANSFORMATION are all CONNECTED!

BEWARE OF THE Schemes or Tricks or Mechanisms or Lies, etc of the devil’s deception for Revelation 12 says the accuser of the BREATHEN has deceived the entire world! [Genesis 3:1; John 8:44; 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8; Hosea 4:6; etc] – Saturday 7th May 2022/IYAR [IYYAR] 6

1. SHABBAT or SABBA’OTH KEDOSHIM/HOLY ONES! 2. What Does The CREATOR’S SABBA’OTH a.k.a SHABBAT Speak of or What Is Embedded In The Foundation of THE CREATOR/MAKER, YAH’S SABBATH? 3. THE CREATOR’S SABBATH [sun-set Friday To sun-set Saturday] Was Given To Mankind As a BRIDE/QUEEN hence YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH says that THE SABBATH was made for Mankind and not mankind for THE SABBATH! – [Leviticus 19-20; Exodus 31:12-18; 20:8-11; Genesis 2:1-3; 1 Peter 1:16; Hebrews 12:14; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18; Mark 2:27; Matthew 12; The Legends of The Jews] – Saturday 7th May 2022/IYAR [IYYAR] 6

2. *THE CREATOR YAH’S HOLINESS: THE CORE OR FOUNDATION OF THE CREATOR YAH’S 1. SABBATH or SABBA’OTH; 2. YAH’S SALVATION; 3. EVANGELISM [, Prophecy, Teaching of YAH’S WORD, etc]; 4. TOTAL TRANSFORMATION; 5. YAH’S CREATION!* These are all connected and therfore must be emphasised continually to YAH’S People! – Saturday 7th May 2022/IYAR [IYYAR] 6


Praying that all is well with you and your loved ones…


*Yesterday, Friday 6th May 2022 was PREPARATION DAY for THE CREATOR, YAH’S SABBATH, HalleluYAH for THE 6TH DAY OF THE WEEK Speaks of THE CREATION OF MANKIND from 4 major elements namely, 1 grain of earth/dust/soil; 1 drop of water 💧; 1 puff of wind/air and a little fire.* There were other elements which represent COLD AND HEAT, DRYNESS and MOISTURE used as detailed in THE BOOK OF ENOCH however these are the four main ones which were used with the foundational purpose of giving mankind TOTAL DOMINION OVER ALL OF YAH’S CREATION, that is to say that, in order that everything in nature which is formed of earth 🌎 should be in subordination to mankind!

1. A grain of earth/soil/dust in order that everything formed of earth/dust/soil should be subject to him;

2. A Drop of Water 💧 in order that everything which is in the seas and rivers should be his;

3. A puff of Air/Wind in order that all kinds of creatures which fly in the air might be given into him;

4. The heat of fire so that all the beings that are fiery in nature, and the celestial hosts, might be his helpers.


Yesod can be defined as the divine attribute which binds YAH to HIS creation in a bond of empathy and love. This is why the sefira of Yesod is also called “saint” (“tzadik” in Hebrew) as in the verse “a saint is the foundation of the world” (Proverbs 10:25). A tzadik, or saint, arouses mankind to seek YAH. At the same time he draws down YAH’S compassion and goodness into the world. *Thus he is the foundation of the world.*

Mishle 10:25 Orthodox Jewish Bible

25 As the whirlwind passeth, so is the rashah (wicked) no more, but the tzaddik (Saint, righteous one) is a YESOD OLAM (an everlasting foundation).

Proverbs 10:25

King James Version

25 As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more: but THE RIGHTEOUS is an EVERLASTING FOUNDATION.

➡️On THE 6TH DAY OF THE WEEK, Mankind sinned against YAH SHADDAI by eating of THE FRUIT OF DISOBEDIENCE [Genesis 3] *thereby TRANSGRESSING YAH’S TORAH/LAW* while in THE GARDEN OF EDEN and so resulting in becoming THE BROKEN VAV! Chavvah [a.k.a Eve] allowed her Evil Inclination/Passion/Desire to overcome her as written in James 1:13-14.

It was declared 📜 at THE BEGINNING OF TIME as per Genesis 2:1-3 that Mankind is given 6 days to work and on THE 7TH DAY, Mankind is to follow in THE CREATOR/MAKER’S FOOTSTEPS by RESTING hence THE 7TH DAY IS CALLED SABBA’OTH! *Within the word, SABBA’OTH, we have to words in THE HEBREW LANGUAGE which in English are REST and SIGN, HalleluYAH* HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH 👏. *This word SABBA’OTH is written in various HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURE PASSAGES including Matthew 11:28-30; John 20; Hebrews 4; etc.*

And so, today, Saturday 7th May 2022 is THE 7TH DAY OF THE WEEK, HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH 👏! GLORY TO YAH SHADDAI for the gift of life and sustainable, in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!

THE DAY 7 OF CREATION ATTRIBUTE OF THE CREATOR, YAH SHADDAI is MALCHUT which means KINGDOM, MAJESTY, KINGSHIP, EXALTEDNESS, etc. Remember that THE MILLENNIAL SABBATH REIGN OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH on earth 🌎 occurs in the 7th Millenium from Creation [Revelation 20]! *The ATTRIBUTE OF MALCHUT is related to this! This ATTRIBUTE is also related YAH’S SABBATHS hence Colossians 2:16-17!* Do Not allow any body to judge you or pass judgement against you or mock you for observing THE CREATOR, YAH’S Calendar because what we are doing now in relation to *Leviticus 23 is a foreshadow of what is to come – what is to come in THE Coming MILLENNIAL SABBATH REIGN OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH on earth 🌎!* So, take heart and do YAH’S WILL accordingly as per Matthew 6:10! For you are SET APART by and for YAH SHADDAI only! The standard of this world repels YAH’S HOLINESS which is embedded in HIS CALENDAR [HEBREW CALENDAR]! See Revelation 12.

*THE CREATOR YAH’S HOLINESS: THE CORE OR FOUNDATION OF THE CREATOR YAH’S 1. SABBATH or SABBA’OTH; 2. YAH’S SALVATION; 3. EVANGELISM [, Prophecy, Teaching of YAH’S WORD, etc]; 4. TOTAL TRANSFORMATION; 5. YAH’S CREATION!* These are all connected and therfore must be emphasised continually to YAH’S People!



*The BRIT CHADASHAH or NEW TESTAMENT/COVENANT Reading for this week is about THE TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS which are basically a summary of YAH’S TORAH/LAW!*


You see, over the past years, when Evangelising, most people in THE BODY OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH have always focused on giving our lives to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; Not Yeshua! ; Not YeshaYAHU!!!] and usually stop there. Others go further to inform the newly born again converts to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH after leading the converts to accept YAH’S SALVATION that they should look for the nearest Church to them in order to attend for PRAYERS and BIBLE STUDY and therefore learn more about THE MAKER, YAH SHADDAI. Then others also suggest to the newly born again converts to get themselves a BIBLE copy and read 📚 THE BOOK OF JOHN! *While thus information may be helpful to a certain extent, it is not helpful at the same time. Additionally, it is not sufficient.*

Think about it 🤔:

➡️What if the newly born again convert ends up in a false or misleading church?

➡️Also, how are they to know and understand what else to do after accepting YAH’S SALVATION?

➡️How are they supposed to read and understand THE BOOK OF JOHN without any guidance from a more mature born again believer in and follower of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH?

➡️How are they to make sense of YAH’S SALVATION that they they have received going forward?

*Brethren, in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, when you go out to do EVANGELISM, you encouraged not to stop there or at that??? Create opportunities to teach THE NEWLY BORN AGAIN CONVERTS TO YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH about YAH’S SALVATION! This is what will bear you more GOOD FRUIT to present to YAH SHADDAI!*

The Newly Born Again Converts need to be well looked after so that they begin to do away with the standard of this world and rather be conformed to THE CREATOR, YAH’S STANDARD! Romans 12:1-2

Remember that THE NEWLY BORN AGAIN CONVERTS TO YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH ARE SPIRITUAL LAMBS 🐑! *They are SPIRITUAL BABIES which can be easily targeted and devoured by wolves and bears and lions as we see throughout THE HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES and most especially THE STORY OF DAVID!*

Many EVANGELISTS sadly lack understanding that THE MESSAGE OF YAH’S SALVATION [YAHUSHUA] is tied to or all about YAH’S HOLINESS!!! When carrying out EVANGELISM, one must talk about YAH’S HOLINESS! 1 Peter 1:16; Hebrews 12:14

*YAH’S HOLINESS is demanded from us by THE CREATOR, YAH SHADDAI each day of our lives as mankind residing on earth 🌎!!!*

THE FOUNDATION OF CREATION IS YAH’S TORAH/LAW which calls for YAH’S HOLINESS!!! And this calls for TRANSFORMATION! *You can not be TRULY born again in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and not experience plus exhibit YAH’S TRANSFORMATION over time!!!* Without TOTAL TRANSFORMATION, it is impossible to make HEAVEN or enter into ETERNAL LIFE! *And in order to be TRANFORMED IN YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, you must desire so! It does not just come to you naturally. You must Diligently Daily Work Out Your SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING IN THE CREATOR, YAH’S WAY so as to experience TOTAL TRANSFORMATION [Philippians 2:12-14]!* Transformation is a process. IT HAS GROWTH STAGES! You start off as a SPIRITUAL BABY, then TODDLER, then YOUTH, then MIDDLE AGE, then OLDER AGE or SPIRITUALLY MATURE! *SHABBAT or SABBA’OTH KEDOSHIM reminds us of YAH’S HOLINESS and its relationship with YAH’S SALVATION!* Yes, it is good to count years in YAH’S SALVATION [YAHUSHUA] WALK however while you are counting years of SALVATION, YAH SHADDAI is counting years of HOLINESS! BEWARE and CHANGE YOUR WAYS before it is too late!

*Since YAH’S SABBATH is THE FOUNDATION OF HIS HOLINESS thr rest of the week plus YAH’S SABBATH Speaks into the other 6 days of the week, it means that without YAH’S SABBATH which speaks of YAH’S HOLINESS, everything falls apart because all the other days of the week are ordinary whereas YAH’S SABBATH is Extraordinary!* For YAH’S SABBATH Speaks of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as HE Rose From Death on A Weekly SABBATH thereby becoming THE LORD or CENTREPIECE OF THE SABBATH, HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH 👏

So, it is important to carry out EVANGELISM and TEACHING OF YAH’S WORD plus fulfil every other CALLING IN YAH SHADDAI with HOLINESS in mind – HOLINESS becoming THE CORE OF EVERY ACTIVITY PERFORMED!

*YAH’S HOLINESS is not emphasised in many Messianic Congregations a.k.a Churches sadly and as a result, these have become Ichabod [YAH’S GLORY has left] over time!* It is important not be part of such because when YAH’S JUDGMENT comes, you will partake of it as you would be counted as a member of that congregation hence YAH SHADDAI emphatically speaks in Jeremiah 51:54 and Revelation 18:4 that we should come out of her (Babylon) so that we do not partake in her judgement!!! COME OUT OF BABYLON BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

Have more to say but will stop here for now…

Remain BLESSED…..

Numbers 6:22-27; 2 Corinthians 13:14; Jude 24-25; Ephesians 3:20-21



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