On IYAR 14: SHABBAT SHALOM [A PEACEFUL SABBATH] and CHAG PESACH SHENI SAMEACH [HAPPY SECOND CHANCE PASSOVER], Today, Sunday 15th May 2022! Also, There Is A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE a.k.a SUPER BLOOD MOON 🔴 Scheduled To Appear In Our Skies Worldwide 🌐 on 15th – 16th May 2022!


Click on the following link for more information…

The May 2022 PESACH SHENI [SECOND CHANCE PASSOVER] 🕎 HOLY Appointed Time and THE TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE or SUPER BLOOD MOON 🔴! [Numbers 9; Leviticus 23; Legends of The Jews; Genesis 1:14-19; Psalm 89; 119:105; Jeremiah 31:31-40; etc] – Sunday 15th May 2022/IYAR 14


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