Friday 23-09-2022/ELUL 27: PREPARATION DAY FOR SHABBAT NITZAVIM/ONES STANDING [Saturday 24-09-2022/ELUL 28] plus THE HIGH SABBATHS/SHABBATOT HA GADOL, ROSH HA SHANAH a.k.a YOM TERUAH [Monday 26-09-2022 to Tuesday 27-09-2022: TISHREI or TISHRI 1-2]


We are unable to write much for now but hopefully do so later or tomorrow and share here and on our Telegram Channel.

Click on the following links for the full Prophetic Teachings shared in AUDIO FORMAT on ➡️THE 7 DAYS OF CREATION as per Genesis 1 and The Legends of the Jews linked with ➡️THE TEN COMMANDMENTS; ➡️THE 7 ATTRIBUTES OF YAH SHADDAI and ➡️THE 7 WEEKS OF OMER COUNTING as well as ➡️THE 7 MILLENNIA:

THE ANNIVERSARY DAYS OF Genesis 1 CREATION… DAY 1 – 7 Wednesday 21st September 2022/ELUL 25


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