It’s SHABBAT MIKETZ/AT THE END – CHANUKAH or HANUKKAH/DEDICATION [sun-set Friday 23rd to sun-set Saturday 24th December 2022/KISLEV 30…]!


AUDIO Recording 427: SHABBAT MIKETZ/HANUKKAH Day 6: Songs 🎵 [➡️1. Stand Up Stand Up For YAHUSHUA; ➡️2. Fight The Good Fight With All Thy Might; ➡️3. Maoz Tzur/Rock of Ages]; Joseph; John 10:22-41; etc… [Sat 24-12-22]

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sun-set Friday 23rd to sun-set Saturday 24th December 2022/KISLEV 30…

After SHABBAT MIKETZ comes ROSH CHODESH TEVET, the 10th/4thmonth of the BIBLICAL/HEBREW CALENDAR YEAR as per Exodus 12:1-2 and Genesis 1.

📌SHABBAT MIKETZ is DAY 6 OF CHANUKAH/HANUKKAH! This also happens to be pagan/heathen Christmas 🎄  eve.

📌ROSH CHODESH TEVET is DAY 7 OF CHANUKAH/HANUKKAH! This also happens to be pagan/heathen Christmas 🎄.

📌Then DAY 8 on Monday 26th December 2022 a.k.a “Boxing Day”.

*Note that just as ISRAEL in the days of the BRONZE KINGDOM/EMPIRE (GREEK) Take-over and Reign was presented with a choice between Keeping YAH’S COVENANT or breaking it, so too, are we all believers in and followers  of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH being presented with a choice this weekend, to uphold and be guardian over YAH’S COVENANT by staying away from Christmas 🎄 celebrations or breaking the COVENANT by observing/celebrating pagan/heathen Christmas 🎄.*


1. It’s CHANUKAH a.k.a HANUKKAH [DEDICATION and LIGHTS]: Kislev 25 – Tevet 3 [sun-set Sunday 19th to sun-set Monday 26th December 2022]…HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH! CHAG CHANUKAH SAMEACH!

2. Daniel 2: THE GREEK EMPIRE REIGN AND ITS INFLUENCE ON EARTH 🌎 [Books 1-5 of The Maccabees; Book of Judith; etc]! This was deliberately NOT ADDED to THE Current HOLY BIBLES! Learn All BIBLICAL HISTORY! September 2021

3. BRONZE: Biblical/Spiritual Implications



JESUS CHRIST whose original name is in THE HEBREW LANGUAGE and it is YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is most certainly THE SECOND ADAM as THE HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES say however what we have learned Prophetically from HIM through RUACH HA KODESH [HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT] is that HE is not the Son of Man nor has HE ever called HIMSELF the Son of Man!!!

Yes, HE was fully human and fully GOD however he only put on the human flesh after HE was born. The entire time HE was in Myryam’s womb, HE was THE WORD OF YAH and THE LIGHT OF YAH SHADDAI and born as THE LIGHT OF YAH SHADDAI hence Myryam remained a Virgin for life. No flesh passed through her vagina and therefore she did not lose her virginity. This was part of her COVENANT with YAH SHADDAI.

Also, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH did not have any earthly man’s DNA. HE only had GOD THE FATHER’S DNA and Myryam’s DNA. This was proven through the Late Christian Archaeologist Ron Wyatt and also through THE GOSPEL OF PHILLIP. We have shared about this several times in several of out Prophetic Teachings on our website and more so in our Audio Messages shared at SUCCOTH 2022.


Click on the following links to further information:

📌The ‘SON OF GOD Not The “Son of Man”!!!

– [YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH] THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE Ministry Congregation, Glasgow (Scotland, U.K.)


📌Amightywind – The SON of GOD and not the son of man.


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