This is the Season to Stand Up & Speak Out & Fight Against ABORTION/PLANNED PARENTHOOD/INFANTICIDE: “The Abortion Holocaust”…

via What does YAH/ELOHIM (a.k.a GOD) have to say about Abortion? (AMW)

Via Stand Up! Speak Out, Pastors!

Via Your Body Is ( & meant to be) YAH’S Earthly Address/Dwelling Place/Temple, Since “SHAVUOT/WEEKS/PENTECOST!” How do you treat it?

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A FORM OF SACRIFICE TO THE small god called Moloch (also written as Molech) who is in fact Satan the devil!


Infanticide is killing children who have already been born and are still growing because it is too costly to raise them and their parents are struggling financially to raise them. There is another name for it. It is mention in the last video further down. At present it is being decided that the limit should be set to 3 years and below.


VOTE PRO-LIFE!!! Stop Abortion/Planned Parenthood including INFANTICIDE!!!


Your say in this matters a lot in the Heavens!!!!


A big thanks to The Center for Medical Progress for their extensive work exposing Planned Parenthood profiting on human parts. Music by Sean Houston – Butterfly


YAHUVEH GOD’S LAW AGAINST SACRIFICING CHILDREN (a.k.a pizzas and hot dogs) TO Moloch/Molech:


Leviticus 20:1-3 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Punishment for Serious Crimes

20 Yahweh spoke to Moses, 2 “Tell the Israelites: If Israelites or foreigners living among you give one of their children as a sacrifice to the god Molech, they must be put to death. The common people must stone them to death. 3 I will condemn them and exclude them from the people. They gave one of their children to Molech, made my holy tent unclean, and dishonored my holy name.



Acts 7:43-45 GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

43 You carried along the shrine of Moloch, the star of the god Rephan, and the statues you made for yourselves to worship. I will send you into exile beyond the city of Babylon.’
44 “In the desert our ancestors had the tent of God’s promise. Moses built this tent exactly as God had told him. He used the model he had seen. 45 After our ancestors received the tent, they brought it into this land. They did this with Joshua’s help when they took possession of the land from the nations that God forced out of our ancestors’ way. This tent remained here until the time of David



Video: Generational Sin of Abortion/Planned Parenthood



Video: Planned Parenthood – End Times – Sacrifice to Moloch/Molech




Video: Ireland Vote Prolife! Thousands Speak Out 2018

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