Abortion has been made fully legal in Ireland with no more restrictions whatsover as of Friday 25th May 2018!


“Sinkhole, Sinkhole, Sinkhole” is all i hear…

YAHUVEH GOD Almighty hates Abortion with complete hatred!!! It is a dis-service to what is meant to be HIS HOLY Sanctuary/Temple (the human body).

YAHUVEH GOD Almighty has revealed through HIS Amightywind Ministry that there will be a Sinkhole under every Abortion Clinic as a form of Judgement against the Practice of Abortion so there will be a price to pay, certainly.

It is believed that the votes were rigged so as to favour those in support of Abortion. Those who rigged them will also pay a price for their actions.

Abortion is the first step. Beastility, Paedophilia, Under-age Sex, Cannibalism, etc will also be legalised at time goes on. Beastility is okay in Canada. We are to protest, nevertheless!

May YAHUVEH GOD Almighty intervene in YAHUSHUA’S Name, AMEN!

Video: Judgement of YAHUVEH GOD


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