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The Holy Biblical Scriptures begin with family discord. Just one generation after creation brothers are already killing each other. Even with the call of Avraham/Abraham and the birth of redemption, we see family drama, leading to his family splitting. Ya’akov’sJacob’s conflict with his brother, Esav/Esau leads to Jacob fleeing for his life at the behest of his mother. The text doesn’t say it, but you have to wonder how much shalom bayit (peace in the house) existed in the home of Yitzzcak/Isaac and Rivkah/Rebekah.


In relation to the Haftarah/Haftorah, the issue of who Ovadi’YAHU/Obadiah was and when he lived is a topic of debate. There were many Obadiahs in the time of the Tanakh.

Many of his words parallel prophecies from fellow prophets Yerem’YAHU/Jeremiah and Yo’el/Joel. Nevertheless, it is clear to whom Ovadi’YAHU is prophesying. The content is rough, the tone is strong, the vision is ominous.

Ovadi’YAHU is a sad book because in it we see just how far brothers can stray from each another and how their respective families can evolve into violent enemies even when one side is at its complete lowest.


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