It’s SHABBAT HA GADOL/The Great Sabbath (PESACH/Passover) today, sun-down Friday 12th to sun-down Saturday 13th April 2019…

via SHABBAT HA GADOL/The Great Sabbath (PESACH/Passover)




The perfect PASSOVER Lamb is selected and set apart!






Today (sun-down Friday 12th to sun-down Saturday 13th April 2019) is SHABBAT HA GADOL (The Great Shabbat) as it precedes PESACH/PASSOVER.

SHABBAT HAGADOL is what the Romans replaced with “Palm Sunday”!

It’s a very important day as it’s when we remember that the perfect PASSOVER LAMB was selected and placed aside until the time of the PASSOVER SACRIFICE.

The final PASSOVER LAMB was and still is YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH hence HE rode on a donkey through the streets of YAHrushalayim/Jerusalem with Palm Branches being laid down as well as waved at HIM in great honour!

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Today, we can have the Pre-Pesach Dinner… (A Preparation/Practice Seder)


The Festival of PASSOVER is upon us. The dates are as follows:

Sun-down Friday 19th to Sun-down Saturday 27th April 2019.

No chametz/leaven and/or any foods containing this are to be eaten and/or found in our dwellings/dwelling places a.k.a homes.

Please find your nearest Jewish (food) shop and get some useful items, such as Matzah/Unleavened Bread, Spreads, and other KOSHER-FOR-PASSOVER FOODS in preparation for the feast. Alternatively, you can do online shopping and get goods delivered to you by Thursday 18/04/2019. Fruits and vegetables will go a long way during the PASSOVER week.

You can also bake and cook in preparation. It’s important to have some cooking skills even if they are just basic.




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