Week Three: OMER COUNT (sun-down Thursday 23/04/202 to sun-down Wednesday 29/04/2020)…

via Week Three: OMER COUNT


Leviticus 23:15-17 Names of God Bible (NOG)

15 “Count seven full weeks from the day after Passover (the day you bring the bundle of grain as an offering presented to the Lord16 until the day after the seventh week. This is a total of fifty days. Then bring a new grain offering to YAHWEH17 Bring two loaves of bread from your homes to present to the Lord. Bake them with four quarts of flour. They are the first harvested grain for YAHWEH.

SHALOM Brethren!

Hope you had a wonder Pesach and FirstFruits. Please accept our sincere apologies for not uploading posts appropriately.

Out of the seven weeks of counting the omer, we have counted for two weeks and 3 days so far. Today is day 17 (sun-down Thursday 23/04/2020 to sun-down Wednesday 29/04/2020. The following could be of help to you:


15. OMER COUNT: DAY Fifteen/15


16. OMER COUNT: Day Sixteen/16


17. OMER COUNT: Day Seventeen/17


18. OMER COUNT: Day Eighteen/18


19. OMER COUNT: Day Nineteen/19


20. OMER COUNT: Day Twenty/20


21. OMER COUNT: Day Twenty One/21

Also, read and meditate upon Psalm 119:113-168

  • Day 15: Psalm 119:113-120


  • Day 16: Psalm 119:121-128


  • Day 17: Psalm 119:129-136


  • Day 18: Psalm 119:137-144


  • Day 19: Psalm 119:145-152


  • Day 20: Psalm 119: 153-160


  • Day 21: Psalm 119:161-168


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