It’s Shabbat TAZRIA-METZORA/She Will Conceive-Leper (sun-down Friday 24/04/2020 to sun-down Saturday 25/04/2020)…

via TAZRIA-METZORA/She Will Conceive-Leper



HalleluYAH for the end of another week and the gift of life plus good health.

Today, we study about the a disease – a form of uncleanliness called Metzora which has been translated over the years as Leper. For more information on this subject, click on the following:

“TZARAAT/METZORA (a.k.a Leprosy/Leper):” Biblical/Spiritual Significance…



Isaiah 66:1-2 Names of God Bible (NOG)

The People of the LORD YAHWEH’S New Creation

66 This is what YAHWEH says:

Heaven is my throne.
    The earth is my footstool.
    Where can you build a house or resting place for me?
I have made all these things.
    “That is why all these things have come into being,”
        declares YAHWEH.
    I will pay attention to those
    who are humble and sorry for their sins
        and who tremble at MY WORD.


Today’s TORAH Portion reminds that:

  • YAH Almighty is in control of the world even when it doesn’t seem like it.

  • Additionally, YAH Almighty is our Healer/Restorer!

  • Further on, we should rid ourselves of all uncleanliness in the spiritual realm using YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Precious Blood by constantly asking for forgiveness of sin and doing away with pre-meditating sin.


Isaiah 53 portrays YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as someone who seemed to have Leprosy momentarilly! He suffered for our iniquities. By the time, he was crucified, the sight of HIM was unbearable.


From the above, we get prayer points.



Song: Vinesong – HOLY YOU ARE LORD (Lyric Video)



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