It’s Shabbat VAYAK’HEL- PEKUDEI (sun-down Friday 12th to sun-down Saturday 2021)…

SHABBAT SHALOM Brethren, in YAHUSHUA’S Name, Amen!

Greetings in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S (JESUS CHRIST’S, not Yeshua!!!) Name.

Genesis 2:1-3 Names of God Bible

2 Heaven and earth and everything in them were finished. By the seventh day ELOHIM  had finished the work HE had been doing. On the seventh day HE stopped the work HE had been doing. Then ELOHIM  blessed the seventh day and set it apart as holy, because on that day he stopped all HIS WORK OF CREATION.

Exodus 20:8-11Names of God Bible

“Remember the day of worship by observing it as a HOLY Day. You have six days to do all your work. 10 The seventh day is the Day of Worship dedicated to YAHWEH  your ELOHIM. You, your sons, your daughters, your male and female slaves, your cattle, and the foreigners living in your city must never do any work on that day. 11 In six days YAHWEH  made heaven, earth, and the sea, along with everything in them. HE didn’t work on the seventh day. That’s why YAHWEH  blessed the day HE stopped HIS WORK and set this day apart as HOLY.

Psalm 92 Names of God Bible

Psalm 92

A psalm; a song; for the Day of Worship.

It is good to give thanks to YAHWEH,
    to make music to praise YOUR NAME, O ELYON.
It is good to announce YOUR MERCY in the morning
    and YOUR FAITHFULNESS in the evening
        on a ten-stringed instrument and a harp
            and with a melody on a lyre.

You made me find joy in what YOU have done, O YAHWEH.
    I will sing joyfully about the WORKS of YOUR HANDS.
How spectacular are YOUR WORKS, O YAHWEH!
    How very deep are YOUR THOUGHTS!

A stupid person cannot know
    and a fool cannot understand
        that wicked people sprout like grass
            and all troublemakers blossom like flowers,
                only to be destroyed forever.

But you, O YAHWEH, are highly honored forever.
Now look at your enemies, O YAHWEH.
    Now look at YOUR enemies.
        They disappear, and all troublemakers are scattered.

10 But you make me as strong as a wild bull,
    and soothing lotion is poured on me.
11 My eyes gloat over those who spy on me.
    My ears hear the cries of evildoers attacking me.

12 Righteous people flourish like palm trees
    and grow tall like the cedars in Lebanon.
13 They are planted in YAHWEH’S house.
    They blossom in ELOHIM’S ’s courtyards.
14 Even when they are old, they still bear fruit.
    They are always healthy and fresh.
15 They make it known that YAHWEH  is decent.
    HE is my ROCK.
        HE is never unfair.

This is the last TORAH Parashah/Portion from the Book of Exodus.

We start reading the Book of Leviticus next week.

More information on to come on the transitioning from Adar to Nisan…


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