Year 2021 JERICHO MARCH: 8 – 13 Nisan 5781 (Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th March 2021)

*Join us as we do a Jericho March…May you blessed with an unforgettable Testimony, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’), Name, Amen!*

As we do the Jericho March, let us also prepare for the upcoming PASSOVER/ UNLEAVENED BREAD (not Good Friday!) & FIRSTFRUITS (not Easter!) Festivals of YAH ALMIGHTY! The whole of next weekend is a Sabbath (sun-down Friday 26th to sun-down Monday 29th March 2021)! Sunday and Monday are High Sabbaths! No work, shopping is to be done! It is time for a Holy Convocation with YAH ALMIGHTY! You are encouraged to fast and pray a lot during this season.

More information about this to come this week…

Hope you had a wonderful Sabbath (sun-down Friday 19th to sun-down Saturday 20th March 2021)?

Shavua Tov (A good week)!


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