It’s SHABBAT VAYIKRA/AND HE CALLED: sunset Friday 19th to sunset Saturday 20th March 2021….

*It’s SHABBAT VAYIKRA/And HE Called! Happy & Peaceful Sabbath!*

Friday 19th March 2021

YAH’S Sabbath is To Be Our Goal Throughout Each Week! This is because it is a Specially Set Apart Day to cuddle with YAH (GOD) is a much more Special Way – your attention is devoted totally to HIM all day! No interference from work, etc.

*Some Guidance Regarding YAH’S Weekly SABBATH!*

SHALOM Brethren, in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST, not Yeshua!!!), Praying that you are well and that all is well with you. Also praying that YAH supplies your needs according to HIS Riches in GLORY.

How has your week been (Sunday to Saturday)?

*YAH’S Set Apart Day for Worship – The Weekly Sabbath – is almost upon us.*

*It starts at sun-set every Friday and ends at sun-set every Saturday.*

Hope we are all well prepared for it. *It is the one day of the week on which we are to spend quality time with YAH (GOD) more than on the other days.*
👍👉We can fast if we are led by HOLY SPIRIT to do so
👍👉We do that by praying, singing praises and worship to HIM as well as deeper Bible Study.
👍👉We also sleep some more during which time we meditate on HIS WORD and allow HIM to minister to us.
👍👉 *We seek refueling from YAH for the coming week.*

Note that YAHUSHUA (JESUS) will return on a Sabbath. We know not which one so every week on the Sabbath, we prepare ourselves for HIS Return. YAHUSHUA Is The Soon Coming HOLY BRIDEGROOM! Is HIS Bride for HIM?

*The weekly Sabbath (Saturday) is NOT a day on which we are to go to work, do housework or go partying as the world does, shopping, washing clothes, etc!!!* These can be done on the other days of the week, such as on Friday before sun-set (6th day weekly) and/or Sunday (1st day weekly).

*We usually start the Sabbath with a Blessing, Holy Communion and Dinner. Then we sing Praises and Worship unto YAH ALMIGHTY!*

👉👉👉Husbands read Proverbs 31 to your wife as a Prophetic Blessing.

👉👉👉Then everyone in the family speaks The Aaronic Blessing (Numbers 6) to each other.

We are to avoid doing any thing that can stain our garments daily *and much more on the Sabbath because it is a Holy Day (Set Apart Day by YAH for YAH)!* Confess your sins often and ask for cleansing by YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) BLOOD as often as possible!

You can do Night Vigil on Friday or go to bed early in order to wake up early on Saturday to spend time with YAH.
*Also, Church Services either as Home Fellowships or at Church Buildings are to be held weekly on Saturdays. Can meet on both Friday evening and Saturdays day time if you like.* Also, individuals can Fellowship on their own.

Have a good one.

More information to come….


sun-set Friday 19th to sun-set Saturday 20th March 2021

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