HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE COMING 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS Summarised in slides + (updated Tuesday 30th March 2021)…


Sunday 25th April 2021: *YAHUVEH (YAHWEH) GOD really had it in mind to send the 3 Days of Darkness this month (April) but many are still not ready hence HE is bring GRACIOUS, and MERCIFUL…*

Brethren, prepare for this thing. Another date has been revealed but I won’t share that.

Sunday 25th April 2021: *So, let me get this straight: 👉3 days of darkness, 👉the bees with crocodile teeth, 👉civil war in USA, 👉civil war in Nigeria, 👉vaccine passports becoming mandatory, etc will all take place this year 2021!*

Wo wo wo!

Imagine what will happen next year 2022 for those who will be here then.

Greetings in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’, not Yeshua) Name.

Note that we are already in The Great Tribulation a.k.a Time of Jacob’s Sorrow/Trouble. It started last year 2020. The Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ is preparing to start ruling the earth. His time to steal, to kill and destroy as much of YAH’S Perfect Creation is short.


[2021/March/30, 10:18] Sister Victoria Israel: A Vision of Gross Darkness Shown To The Blood Evangelists Last WeeK.
In that vision of the night last week i carried my 4 month old baby 👶🏽 in my hands going out of the house to share 📢📖 testimony of Christ to people. My own apartment 🏠had Light 💡 but from the other compounds to eternity has no light (total darkness)…
I was initially entering the dark road to go share the goodnews but the darkness was very very thick like tanpoline and so scary I had to return back home ….. I now stood at my banlony sharing the testimony.
Another Confirmation From a G.O.
This morning I went out to sound this 3days darkness warning to churches in my territory and one of the churches I went to I only met the wife which was giving a listening ear till her husband (Pastor/G.O) of the church showed up….. Who confirmed as I was talking with him the scary vision he saw in the dream this morning…. That he doesn’t understand it and God pointed to him that a sister will come and explain what he saw to him…. I went to other churches around but they were arguing it can’t happen because God is a merciful God.

Just wanted to encourage you saying that when some of your family members disappear supernaturally before, during and after the 3 days of darkness, don’t be alarmed or try to look for them. YAH’S HOLY Angels will keep you informed of what is happened. Just ensure you are in the RUACH (SPIRIT) praying, praising & worshipping YAH as well as reading HIS WORD. Those who supernaturally disappear during the 3 Days of Darkness will supernaturally return at the end of the 3 Days of Darkness! The ones who disappear before (children under the age of responsibility) have gone to rest in Heaven. More information has been shared below.

Train up your children spiritually brethren while there is still time…Shalom

Ensure you get Olive Oil, pray over it in YAHUSHUA’S Name. Ask YAH to anoint it with HIS Anointing.

THE DARKNESS WILL BE VERY INTENSE & DANGEROUS! It will create a demarcation between THE RIGHTEOUS and The Unrighteous!

Those who are unrepentant will attract the demons that will be roaming the streets whether they have followed the instructions of covering Windows and doors, not peeping out, etc or not!

The Bible says in Amos 8 and elsewhere that HE will allow Darkness to descend upon the earth 🌎 on our feasts days (not HIS FEAST DAYS!) as a form of judgment. HE has further said that as it was in the days of Noah, Lot, Joseph, Moses, etc, so Will it be again for us.

These 3 days have happened before back in Egypt. The Children of Israel were warned in advance and told to prepare well fir it however it caught the Children of Mitzrayim (Egypt) unawares hence many lost their lives because during the darkness, demons walk the 🌎 anyhow with total dominion to do anyhow they please and their main job us to steal, kill and destroy.

Note that for those who can’t afford to stock up food, candles, etc because of lack of funds, will be catered for supernaturally by YAH ALMIGHTY. HIS HOLY Angels will be sent to the righteous ones to minister to them.

Also, those YAH’S People who are not in a safe place will be supernaturally taken to a safe place.

There will be supernaturally disappearances in the homes of the righteous. Don’t be alarmed and don’t go in search of those missing family members.

So, we are to stock up on:

👉food that doesn’t require refrigeration, such as sardines, crackers, wraps, tinned fruits, tinned sweetcorn, etc

👉water (the fallen angels will pollute the tap water),

👉unscented candles as many as possible,

👉cover our windows and doors with black bin bags,

👉cardboard paper with duck-tape and/or removable paint,

👉stay mostly in one room throughout,

👉get a portable heater (clay-pot and oven tray, wood or charcoal with candles, a lighter, etc).

REPENT DEEPLY before YAH (GOD). GOD THE FATHER, YAHUVEH a.k.a YAHWEH and HIS SON, YAHUSHUA (JESUS; not Yeshua!) will reveal all our sins to us in a vision on a scroll from the day of birth to-date so we can confess them, ask for forgiveness and cleansing by YAHUSHUA’S BLOOD then THEY will visit every household and offer individuals all over the earth the opportunity to Surrender our lives to HIM.

YAHUSHUA’S Bride will be transformed and prepared to go out to collect the FINAL END-TIME GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS for 6 weeks or so!

Then some months later, the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ will be announced and thereafter the First Holy Rapture for the adults will occur. So, not much time left.

Devastation Devastation Devastation everywhere after the 3 Days of Darkness!

YAHUSHUA’S Bride will supernaturally travel the earth🌎.

It may be difficult for those who haven’t been transformed to be able to go anywhere for some days afterwards because of how many dead bodies will be on the streets and the stench.


DO NOT PEEP THROUGH THE WINDOWS OR ELSE, EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE WILL DIE UNTIMELY! If you choose to do so, you will develop a mental health problem because your mind cannot handle what will be happening outside.

Don’t say you are anointed or Holy and no harm can come near you. Don’t test YAH (GOD)! Hide yourself!

If you happen to have a windowless room in the house, please prepare to stay there throughout. If you have children in school, withdraw them now!

Watch for the signs that lead to it. It will start at 10.30am and by 12 noon, it will be completely dark!


Video Shared on Wednesday 30th March 2021: REVELATION ON THE 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS By Sister Mavis Dibs

Video shared on Wednesday 31st March 2021 evening/night: PREPARE FOR THE 3 DAYS AND NIGHTS OF COMING DARKNESS! Many Messages Have Been Shared! Watch and Share (By Sister Kerry-Ann Gidden)

Some useful links where other useful information (such as why on Easter and not any other time) has been shared.


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