ELUL 14: SHABBAT KI TETZE or TEITZEI/WHEN YOU GO UP [sun-set Friday 9th to sun-set Saturday 10th September 2022]! Greetings and A Quick Note…


Yes, hybrids have no place in HEAVEN/SHAMMAYIM because they are more or less demons. I’ll do a short audio about this using what happened in Genesis 6.

The mother would been invoked with all kinds evil and evil spirits so as to enable to be comfortable around them plus do their bidding so, unless THE CREATOR/MAKER, YAH SHADDAI intervenes by DELIVERING/YAHUSHUA her, she is finished – headed for hell fire for eternity, sadly.

Princess Diana could not enter HEAVEN/SHAMMAYIM because she mingled with them. In her case, it was not her will do so. Her father forced her to marry Charles as far as I learned.

This is why we are not to drive HYBRID CARS on earth!!!

*YAH SHADDAI did not create Hybrids to exist on this 7th earth and HE explicitly instructed us in HIS TORAH/LAW [BOOK OF LEVITICUS] not to create Hybrids of any kind, e.g in terms of animals, plants, etc…*

Hybrids are an Abomination to THE CREATOR, YAH SHADDAI!

Just saw the word, UNICORN 🦄 there in Psalm 29:6 that you have shared and it drew my attention as it is something we are talking about quite a lot in the Teaching to be shared as per yesterday’s message [Saturday 10th September 2022/ELUL 14].

Many people say that the UNICORN 🦄 does not exist but they are deceived.

*Whatever you see mentioned in this world exists Spiritually if not physically!!!*

King David once encountered a UNICORN 🦄and was so sacred that he would lose his life but YAH SHADDAI SAVED/YAHUSHUA him, HalleluYAH!

*Look at the Rhinoceros – it is of of same family as UNICORNS 🦄 🦄 though the UNICORN looks like a 🐎🐴🎠🏇🐎🐴 and a cow or bull 🐄🐮.*
In HEBREW, it is called the RE’EM though sometimes it can be referred to as AUROCH and *it is one of the animals that could not enter the Ark of Noach but was tied with a rope to it and the Giant, Og of Bashan sat on it in the GREAT DELUGE/FLOOD WATERS while Noach looked after them by giving them food.*

THE UNICORN 🦄 IS THE NATIONAL SYMBOL OF SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM 🇬🇧! *So, when the Queen died in Scotland, her Funeral Plans were named OPERATION UNICORN 🦄!*


ELUL 14: sun-set Friday 9th to sun-set Saturday 10th September 2022



This week [sun-set Saturday 3rd To sun-set Saturday 10th September 2022 has been very eventful. 3 Major and Outstanding World Happenings have occurred namely,

  1. The installation of a New Prime Minister in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧  – Liz Truss on Monday 5th – Tuesday 6th September 2022/ELUL 9 – 10.
  2. Unveiling a New Portrait of the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ a.k.a Man of Sin a.k.a Man of LAWlessness (TORAHlessness) a.k.a beast out of the earth 🌎, etc – Barrack (Barack) Hussein Obama and his spouse, Michelle Obama (a.k.a or formally known as Michael Robinson) on Wednesday 7th September 2022/ELUL 11.
  3. The death of Queen Elizabeth II a.k.a Alexandriana Victoria and the subsequent Ascension to the throne of Prince Charles thus become King Charles III on Thursday 8th September 2022/ELUL 12.

These events are of Great Spiritual and Physical Significance and they have occurred in the week of Reading and studying 📖 TORAH/LAW PARASHAH/PORTION, KI TETZE or TEITZEI/WHEN YOU GO which bears 74 of the 613 COMMANDMENTS given to us altogether at Mount Sinai. Interesting, this TORAH/LAW PARASHAH begins talking about war against the Amalekites and ends talking about war with the Amalekites! It is our belief and understanding the 3 Major and Outstanding events that THE CREATOR/MAKER, YAH SHADDAI has permitted to occur this week are somehow connected to what is said in this TORAH/LAW PORTION! We do not believe that the happenings are just a coincidence.

From this week’s TORAH/LAW PARASHAH/PORTION, we get to learn the foundational basis for choosing to give YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH 39 lashes and not more or less. And Interestingly, Apostle Shaul [a.k.a Paul] also gets 39 lashes 5 times during his life time after meeting with and accepting YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as his Personal LORD and SAVIOUR/REDEEMER/DELIVERER!

It is so important to take time to read and study YAH’S TORAH/LAW from a HEBREW PERSPECTIVE because it helps and forms the foundation of understanding the rest of YAH’S WORD from HIS PERSPECTIVE which is THE HEBREW PERSPECTIVE, HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH!

We are putting together a Prophetic Teaching in WRITING ✍ about this and we wish try our best to share it today but if not, tomorrow, Sunday 11th September 2022/ELUL 15 though we would prefer to share today because tomorrow is 9/11. The Prophetic Teaching will be quite long but we encourage you to take the time to delve into as you will be BLESSED through it by YAH SHADDAI. We may not be able to share any Audios with it, just so you know.

So, will stop here for now. Remain BLESSED.

Numbers 6:22-27; 2 Corinthians 13:14; Ephesians 3:20-21; Jude 24-25



Also remember that we are in A PERIOD OF 40 DAYS FASTING AND PRAYING: ELUL 1 – TISHREI or TISHRI 10!



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