It’s Shabbat “CHAYEI SARAH/Sarah’s Life” (sun-down Friday 22nd to sun-down Saturday 23rd November 2019)…

via “CHAYEI SARAH/Sarah’s Life”

via Shabbat “CHAYEI SARAH” and The “Cave of Machpelah”

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Click on the above links for further information including the TORAH Portion details.

We are still in the Hebrew month of Cheshvan (a.k.a Heshvan) which commenced on Today is 25th of Marcheshvan (a.k.a Marheshvan) which commenced on 30th October 2019.

The Hebrew month of Marcheshvan finishes on Thursday 28th November 2019 evening at which point the Hebrew month of Kislev will commence.

Rosh Chodesh Kislev will run over 2 days (finishing at sun-down on Saturday 30th November 2019).


Meanwhile the Minor Feast called SIGD (A Specially Set Apart Covenant Renewal Day) will commence at sun-set on Tuesday 26th November 2019 and finish at sun-set on Wednesday 27th November 2019. It is always observed mostly by the Ethiopian Jews  all the world during the last week of the Hebrew month of Marcheshvan.

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