Nisan a.k.a Aviv 2021: CHODESH TOV (HAPPY NEW MONTH) & SHANAH TOVAH (HAPPY NEW Ecclesiastical YEAR)!

HAPPY NEW (Hebrew) MONTH OF NISAN a.k.a AVIV (ABIB)! This is the Month of Miracles!

Today, Sunday 14th March is Rosh Chodesh & Rosh Ha Shanah simultaneously.

We follow the Hebrew Calendar which is YAH’S Original Calendar from Creation as recorded in Genesis 1. *It is of Greater Importance than the Roman Gregorian Calendar that most of the worl follows.* I say most of the world because Ethiopia and China have a completely different calendar.

*YAH’S (GOD’S) Calendar was named with Numbers though and not words.*
It is the Babylonians *(Kingdom of Babylon of which the Roman Catholic Church is under)* who renamed and altered YAH’S Calendar. *They gave it names of their gods, for example, the god of January is January, etc.*

👍YAH’S year has 364 days.

👍YAH’S Months of the year were named Month 1 – Month 12 in a non-leap year and Month 1 – Month 13 in a leap year.

*According to Exodus 12:1-2, Month 7 (Nisan a.k.a Aviv) became Month 1 while Month 1 (Tishrei) became Month 7 ecclesiastically.* see the calendar image above👆

👍YAH’S Days of the week was named: Day 1 to Day 7

*Today, Sunday 14th March 2021, a New Month and at the same time, a New Ecclesiastical Year has begun on YAH’S Calendar (Hebrew Calendar).*

*It is called Nisan. It is also know as Aviv or Abib* which means Spring meaning that the Winter season has come to an end, HalleluYAH!

January is not YAH’S New Year’s Day!!!

*YAH’S New Year doesn’t begin in the Winter season (very cold and dark)!!!*


For more information on The Month of Nisan, click on the link below:

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